💥💥💥654 pDPS #1 Jewelled Foil Mirror Service💥💥💥

Hello, I am offering a mirror service for my Foil.

3xT1 Prefixes (Merciless, Dictator's, Flaring) with 30 quality, it is the only one in existence.

Current sitting at ~654 pDPS.

Mirror fee: 1st copy 30ex, +5ex per copy to a 40ex cap.
Current fee: 35ex

Copies made: 1

Mirroring Process:

1. Trade mirror and chromes
2. Confirm colors
3. Trade Fee for mirrored version

Message me in game @hideout or leave me a forum inbox message, here.

Original will be for sale on standard at the right price.
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Gratz on the highest pdps foil in path of exile. amazing to look at. gratz
finish the suffix and everyone will copie! :D
Completed 6 ChallengesmuffeG wrote:
finish the suffix and everyone will copie! :D


Rip Pandemonium if or when this is finished, even if the crit can’t be buffed unless you et in std.

I don’t see any power creep in the game at all!... do you? ;)

Meanwhile 2h are... uhm wait, nevermind.

✰CARD✰ The Survivalist
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