Scion Fire Based Elemental Hit 3.4 (All Content Doable) Easy 3+ Million Shaper DPS!

Hello, my name is Wicked and this my fire based Elemental Hit build. It also happens to be my first guide. This build is super fun to play and requires very little game knowledge to learn. Continue on for gearing and lab + skill tree etc..
WARNING!---> This build is not budget by any means <---!WARNING

My Current Gear:

!!!: I am using Chin Sol and a rare quiver for single target bossing

!!!: Can't forget about

Quick Pros VS Cons


+ Absurd damage output
+ Very high hp pool (7K+)
+ Might of the Meek + Unnatural Instinct abuse
+ Super safe (Should be HC viable but I play SC)


-Very expensive
-Not the best league starter but doable


Scion Tree

Arakaali as our Major
Your Minor is super flexible, pick what you need the most.


Normal Lab: Skill Point (Towards Duelist)
Cruel Lab: Pick Slayer + Ranger Pathway
Merciless Lab: Skill Point + Pathfinder
Uber Lab: Path of the Ranger

Kill All (Alira if you cannot cap your res//need the multi)

Please look at my profile on PoB.
Account name: WickedLiinks
Character Name: TwoSecondShaperKill
Basically just prioritize your Combat Focus jewel slots then proceed with your Might of the Meek placements. The rest is up to you.

2x Might of the Meeks
1x Combat Focus (Cold Blocker)
1x Combat Focus (Lightning Blocker)
1x Anger Fire Penetration Watcher's Eye
Rare Jewels: %Life + %Fire Dmg and//or missing resistances/attributes

The tooltip does NOT show the actual damage output.
Clearing Trash:

Buffed Clear:

Unbuffed Clear:

Single Target:

Buffed Single Target:

Unbuffed Single Target:




Windripper for clear. It has amazing base crit%. A shaper bow with the double damage mod works just fine. Even a Quill Rain will destroy trash. Not Required

For single target. Chin Sol for the obvious "MORE" damage stat it gives. The base crit% corruption is nice QOL, not needed. Required

Frostferno is the king. By providing the additional levels to your elemental hit AND its support gems it becomes absolutely Required (Should be your #1 prioritzation)

Kaoms Heart for the beefy flat 500 hp. Loreweave will do as well but I 100% suggest Kaoms Heart. Not Required
Gloves and Boots

Tombfists are BiS, especially with the base crit corruption. Single socket Tombfists are very cheap nowadays. I will class these as Required

High res is important. You need to be capped. Movement speed and life too.

Xophs Blood is self explanatory. You can path to AoF if you would like but that is not part of this build. This should be your 2nd goal after frostferno. Required

Call of the Brotherhood provides the additional conversion we need for Avatar of Fire. Required.
Your other ring should be a high %WED and good resistance ring. Life is not really needed due to Might of the Meek abuse.

As just about every guide states, Headhunter is NOT REQUIRED!!! But is the best mapping belt without a doubt.
Your bossing belt should have very high resistances, obviously enough to cap out, as well as %WED and high life. Elder recovery mod is not Required neither are the flask mods.

Self explanatory. Harbinger quiver is super nice and provides amazing damage/QOL. Your bossing quiver should have VERY HIGH %WED and Crit Chance!!! those are Required. Of course aim for the highest amount of life you can get, crafting it works just fine. Dont blow your budget here, please.

6L Clearing: (In your bow) --->Elemental Hit + GMP + EDWA + Mirage Archer + Combustion + Cold to Fire

Single Target (Frostferno): --->Elemental Hit + EDWA + Combustion + Fire Penetration

Utility Links: ---> CWDT(lvl.1) + Immortal Call(lvl.1//2//3) + Anger //-+-\\ Blood Rage + Blink Arrow + Herald of Ash + Faster Attacks (Or Portal Gem)

Super straightforward. Level with Ele Hit. Should 1 tap content all the way through. Get your Combat Focus jewels in ASAP. Tabula for easy 6L. Thiefs Torment for easy sustain. Fit it what you can here. Very flexible.


Shiny variants of items.

Can be obtained via the Locus of Corruption from Incursion (Is NOT core ATM!)

Rigwalds because its cool and expensive. Legacy flasks. Mirror rings. List goes on.

Other Important Stuff:

Path of Building Photos + Links:
Blue Rings: Might of the Meek jewel placements.
Turquoise Rings: Combat Focus jewels placements.
Shaper DPS with my gear. (Not even the best...)


Q. Why is my DPS so low?

A. You are most likely a low level and have low level unqualitied gems. Check to see if you have all the required jewels in their proper places. Make sure you have taken all the proper damage nodes as well. Aside from that you should not have damage problems.

Thanks for reading!
Thank you to eviL_Bison for the forum post guide
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