[3.4] Wild Strike Elementalist | All Content (Clear speed / Uber Elder / Delve Bosses)

Wild strike is a very satisfying skill that synergizes very well with the Elementalist ascendancy. The build focuses on maximizing generic elemental damage through elemental resistance penetration and critical strike scaling.

With this character, I have completed the following endgame content:
- Shaper / Guardians / Elder
- Uber elder (not deathless, video below)
- Vaal architect delve boss (up to depth 350, video below)
- Lich delve boss (up to depth 350, video below)
- Travelled horizontally at Delve 600 with a few deaths (I got there with another character)

Video Guide

+ Fast clear speed
+ Satisfying explosions
+ Flexible primary skill gem setup
+ Safe in delves due to constant freezing / corpse shattering
+ Inexpensive to get started
+ Respectable single target damage (1M+ DPS)
+ Capable of killing all bosses

- Limited utility sockets due to abyssal jewels
- Expensive to max out
- Degen life when blood rage is active
- No stun immunity
- Hard to cap resists on a budget
- Low defenses

Mechanics/Clear Speed
Each time you hit an enemy with Wild Strike, it chooses an element. Based on the element that was chosen, there is a secondary component of the attack that will either fire a lightning bolt, shoot out freezing pulses, or explode with fire.

Regardless of which element is chosen, flat elemental damage of each type will be added due to your Herald effects. That means if you crit, you are guaranteed to shock, freeze, and ignite every target that is hit by the secondary effect of your attack.

If you link Ancestral Call with wild strike, you'll get three secondary effects instead of just one, maximizing clear speed.

The Beacon of Ruin ascendancy propagates elemental status effects to nearby enemies, so essentially every enemy will shatter whenever you crit.

Regardless of the map layout, Wild Strike is great for clearing. The Arc secondary effect can go around corners. The freezing pulse component is great for open areas. The fire secondary effect is the least impressive but it's not terrible.

Path of Building/Skill Tree
My Character - https://pastebin.com/KrnczLJm
I had to invest in resistance/str in the skill tree to make up for shortcomings in my gear.
Level 94 skilltree without any customization

TODO if there is interest

Alira for crit multipler and resistances. Resistances are very tight, so this is a huge help.

1. Shaper of Desolation
- This doesn't really offer us much value, so don't rush to do your first lab.

2. Mastermind of Discord
- Let the shattering begin!

3. Pendulum of Destruction
- Moderate power boost, the AOE helps Herald of Ice shatter range

4. Mastermind of Discord
- 25% elemental penetration and triple herald. BUILD ONLINE

Major God:
Soul of Lunaris is the most valuable major god as you'll gain physical mitigation when charging into the middle of packs, and the projectile avoidance can be a lifesaver.
Soul of Solaris can be useful for single target fights like elder guardians.
Soul of the Brine King helps with the stun problem and is pretty much required for Uber Elder if you're going to try it without Kaom's Roots. (which I don't recommend)

Minor God:
Soul of Ryslatha is your go-to for bossing. Flasks are your primary source of recovery, so having them available and more effective on low life is very valuable.
Soul of Shakari provides a bit of chaos resistance and poison immunity. You won't be able to afford any chaos resistance in your itemization, so this has value for mapping/delving, especially when dealing with those zombies that release caustic ground on death.

Gem Links

Body Armour(Body Armour) R R G G B:
- Wild Strike
- Elemental Damage with Attacks: 100% of our attack damage is elemental, so this is one of the bigger more multipliers in our gem setup.
- Ancestral Call/Multistrike: Use Ancestral Call for mapping. It triples the effect of your secondary attacks (arc/freeze pulse/explosions). Gem swapping shouldn't be necessary at all for map bosses once your gear gets to a certain level. However, for challenging content like Elder guardians or delve bosses, Multistrike will offer superior single target DPS.
- Hypothermia/Added Cold Damage: Since we are using Herald of Ice, each our attacks will hit for cold damage, applying chills. Hypothermia gives us a huge more multiplier against chilled targets. You can also use Added Cold Damage.
- Increased Critical Strikes: PoB will probably show this as lower dps than Increased Critical Damage; however it's more important to reliably crit (and freeze), so go with this instead.
- Elemental Penetration: This link is provided by Shroud of the Lightless and offers us incredible element-agnostic penetration. If you decide to use another chest, you may use either Increased Critical Damage or Added Lightning Damage

Claw: R G G or R R G depending on if you choose Shield Charge or Whirling Blades
- Shield Charge/Whirling Blades
Shield Charge is better for mapping. It has a larger AOE, does more damage, and is easier to keep up fortify with. If your shield charge crits, you can clear packs with it. Whirling Blades is faster and doesn't depend on movement speed. I use it only for Uber Elder with Kaom's Roots.
- Fortify: Damage mitigation is good
- Faster Attacks: Your movement skill is your primary form of movement, so the faster the better.

Shield: R R G
- Immortal Call - Keep at low level
- Cast When Damage Taken - Keep at low level
- Blood Rage - Level it up and make sure it's 20% quality. Note that you'll degen when Blood Rage is active, so be careful. You can press "x" to switch to your secondary gear set and disable blood rage if you're going to die.

Gloves: R G
- Herald of Ash
- Herald of Ice

Boots: R G
- Ancestral Protector: This is better than Ancestral Warchief since the secondary attacks from Wild Strike aren't considered melee and aren't scaled by Ancestral Warchief. Ancestral Protector gives you attack speed which scales both your primary attacks and the secondary attacks.
- Vaal Grace / Frenzy: Don't use the Grace aura, it's only here for Vaal Grace. Use Vaal Graze for map bosses and delving. Swap in Frenzy for single target fights like elder guardians and delve bosses.
- Make sure all the gems in your boots are non-essential (no resists or auras) so you can easily swap to Kaom's Roots.

Helmet: B G
- Herald of Thunder
- Arctic Armour / Purity of Ice: Arctic Armour provides some physical and fire damage mitigation. You can swap in Purity of Ice for Shaper/Elder.


You'll want a Gemini claw with high physical damage, critical strike chance, and attack speed. Flat elemental damage is an added bonus.

Gemini claws give you life and mana on hit, allowing you to do maps with no regen or leech. You could use an imperial claw (or any claw), but you'll limit the amount of map modifiers you can do.

Lycosidae gives you a 100% chance to hit, and raises your effective critical strike chance by a ridiculous amount. Without Lycosidae, this build wouldn't work.


As we're stacking flat elemental damage, Abyss Jewels are king. Your endgame setup should consist of the following Abyssal armour:

None of these items are required, and you can start with the 1-socket versions of the gloves, helm, and boots if budget is a concern. Tombfist should be your first two-socket upgrade, and make sure to socket both a Searching Eye Jewel and a Murderous Eye Jewel into it for the intimidate and maim procs.

Shroud of the Lightless is incredibly valuable since it provides generic elemental damage penetration, and Wild Strike uses each element equally. Although it is expensive at the beginning of the league, that price is offset by the fact that you only need to 5-link it instead of 6-link.

For Uber Elder, Kaom's Roots help a ton. They prevent you from getting chilled so you can dodge projectiles more effectively. Note that the strength requirement for Kaom's Roots is rather high, you may need to take a +30 strength node on the tree to be able to equip them.


Rings: End game, you'll want Mark of the Elder and a Shaper-touched ring with Assassin's Mark on hit. The assassin's mark on hit is super important and it's worth sacrificing stats to get it. If you can't meet your resistance/life requirements due to not having enough relevant stats on your ring, you can swap out Bubonic Trail for boots for some rares with life and resistances. Prioritize getting a well-statted assassin's mark ring as one of your early investments.

Amulet: For the base, look for a Marble (life regen) or Strength amulet. Marble amulets counter the degen from blood rage, and will need Strength to level up Ancestral Call and Ancestral Protector, and your other stats will be high enough. For stats, balance life, elemental damage to attacks, critical strike multiplier, critical strike chance, attack speed, elemental resistance penetration.


You'll definitely want a jewel that makes you immune to corrupted blood. It's possible to get 20 stacks of corrupted blood in a single Herald of Ice explosion, and you won't have time to use your bleed immune flask before you're dead.

For the rest of your jewels, prioritize:
- Life
- Resists (until you're capped)
- Cold damage to attacks
- Lightning damage to attacks
- Critical Strike Multiplier
- Critical Strike Chance
- Fire damage to attacks
- Effect of Shock

If you're looking for 4-socket abyssal jewels, look for ones that have 3 mods:
- Life (Prefix)
- Flat elemental damage with claws (Prefix)
- Any suffix you want
- SLAM the last suffix! (with an exalted orb)

Note: Don't try to slam a jewel that has an open prefix, the odds of it being what you need are very low.

If you're looking for a bit more survivability and can afford it, you can use
in the jewel socket near Nullification. With this jewel equipped, you should be able to maintain 3 endurance charges while mapping/delving which will give you more physical mitigation and a longer immunity window with Immortal Call. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this, but if you're looking for a way to generate endurance charges, this is an option.


Use an instant flask for mapping/delving. Use a increased recovery flask for bossing. Personal preference. Make sure you have a bleed removal suffix on your life flask.

Atziri's Promise gives a lot of damage and chaos resistance. I use this for bossing. The phasing flask is great for delving as it slows monster's reaction times to you wandering around in the darkness and increases your dodge and spell dodge chance. The screechers in delve apply shock, so I prefer to use a grounding (shock immunity) suffix on this flask. If you find yourself needing physical mitigation, a basalt flask is always a good choice.

Ahh, the wise oak. This is the best flask in the game but also the hardest to work around. It's not worth using this flask if you can't balance your resistances. Since we do all three elemental damage types, you won't get enough benefit if you're only gaining penetration and defenses against one element. If your resists aren't balanced, you can always use the phasing flask and Atziri's Promise.

Onslaught helps you move around maps quicker and increases your attack speed. Solid DPS boost. It's important to get the Chemist's prefix with 25% reduced charges used, otherwise you only get one charge per flask. I recommend the "of Heat" or "of Warding" for freeze/curse immunity.

This will massively increase your effective critical strike chance. I recommend the "of Heat" or "of Warding" suffixes.
Make sure your flasks provide bleed, chill/freeze, and curse immunity.

Deadly map modifiers

- Elemental Reflect
- Physical Reflect (Believe it or not, Lightpoacher's projectiles will kill you)
- No Leech (unless you're using a gemini claw)
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Hello. I'm looking forward to try this build as my last build of the league :) looks awesome!

Could you share how did you level this character? Wild Strike as soon as you get it?

There are two options for leveling.

1. Molten Strike (with Screaming Eagle) until Act 3 - you'll need to get the most of the gems from another character unfortunately.

2. Blade Vortex until Kitava, Wild Strike for mapping. You'll probably need 10 regrets or so to respec.

Happy to provide a more thorough leveling section if there's interest.
Last edited by gnawbert on Oct 31, 2018, 10:49:29 AM
You say that we need to get most gems from another char. Should I not follow this guide since I'm starting brand new?
@tylerdt If you message me in-game (character: Pattern_ on delve softcore) I get the gems for you. You can also join the community chat channel by typing "/global 820" and let them know you're a new player and someone will be able to help you out.

But this build is a bit unconventional (melee on a Witch), so many of the gems are locked until Act 3. If you'd prefer an easier path, another guide may be better.
@gnawbert Any recommendations for an easier build? The witch sounded interesting so I stumbled upon this. Any info would be great!
@tylerdt https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2112439

That's a blade vortex elementalist with a pretty good leveling guide. Blade vortex is an incredibly powerful skill that does great damage with very little investment.

If you want to try wild strike once you finish the main storyline, you could transition into that build pretty easily.

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