Standard UberLab Enchant Service / Gloves, Boots, Helmet

You provide me with:

1. Offering of the Goddess.

2. Twice Enchanted

3. Your Item

4. What you want your enchantment to be

Boots enchants = 30 Exalted Orbs ( Damage Penetration will be 45 Exalted Orbs)

Glove enchants = 20 Exalted Orbs

Helmet enchants = 150ex

List of enchant:

I buy all your twice enchant for 18c per
Message me on forums or in-game if you need any information or if you have any question
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This guy has done a bunch of enchants for me, ALWAYS fast and reliable.
I have no problem to trust him with 100ex + pvp gear / items.
He's got my vouch.
IGN : Teknodartio
I've used his serviced for my tornado shot +2 and would happily use again !
Finished it before i came back from job, thanks <3
IGN : Teknodartio
Excellent service, finished asap even though it took 800+ enchants. Highly recommend!

The maker of Tempest Thunder, Tempest Locket, Damnation March, Apocalypse Hand, Hypnotic Buckle.... the list goes on.

The most popular Mirror Service Shop in recent memory: view-thread/1755533

IGN: MaiCedere
Trustworthy service, will use again.

Got my +2 TS Helm enchant done in a reasonable time (5-6 days), though slower than anticipated due to being busy with life. Because of that, he waived the fee for Twice Enchanted. Took a total 96 labs (192 enchants).
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