Standard UberLab Enchant Service / Gloves, Boots, Helmet

You provide me with:

1. Offering of the Goddess.

2. Twice Enchanted

3. Your Item

4. What you want your enchantment to be

Boots enchants = 15 Exalted Orbs ( Damage Penetration will be 30 Exalted Orbs)

Glove enchants = 15 Exalted Orbs

Helmet enchants = 125 Exalted Orbs

Special Deals:
-For each others ENCHANTS options, there will be a 5% reduction on the service's price UP TO 25% OFF. By example, if you have a melee helmet, you might be looking for sunder attack speed but Blood rage attack speed, Blade Flurry damage, Molten strike Additional Projectiles, Cyclone damage and even Flicker strike damage by example would work just fine as well, in that case there will be a 25% reduction oh the service's price which doesn't include the price for the twice enchanted or the offerings of the goddess. You will then have to pay 112.5 Ex. The same deal applies on gloves and boots.

-In Addition to the previous deal, After 2 Gloves Or Boots Enchant services, you get the Third one for free. This Offer Doesn't applies for Helmets. (You still have to pay for the Twice enchanted and the Offerings.)

-If you have vouched for your previous completed enchant, you will get a 5% discount on the NEXT Enchant service. (Even if the previous enchant was boots and now you're asking for an helmet.)

-If you are a member of : IVYS+1, You get a 20% discount on any service. This applies in addition to any previous deals.

List of enchant:

Enchant done: 52

I buy all your twice enchant for 20c per
Message me on forums or in-game if you need any information or if you have any question
IGN: EternalMxy

Best Uber Lab Enchant Service
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This guy has done a bunch of enchants for me, ALWAYS fast and reliable.
I have no problem to trust him with 100ex + pvp gear / items.
He's got my vouch.
IGN : Teknodartio
I've used his serviced for my tornado shot +2 and would happily use again !
Finished it before i came back from job, thanks <3
IGN : Teknodartio
Excellent service, finished asap even though it took 800+ enchants. Highly recommend!

The maker of Tempest Thunder, Tempest Locket, Foe Pace, Damnation March, Apocalypse Hand.... and much more.

The most popular Mirror Service Shop in recent memory: view-thread/1755533

IGN: MaiCedere
Trustworthy service, will use again.

Got my +2 TS Helm enchant done in a reasonable time (5-6 days), though slower than anticipated due to being busy with life. Because of that, he waived the fee for Twice Enchanted. Took a total 96 labs (192 enchants).

Fast and Easy will use again, I wasn't scared of giving him my item because he has already many vouches from other known players.

Will refer my other friends to him.

Thanks a lot fam <3
My mirror thread : view-thread/2024779
my man came through super quick

MXY strikes again! got a deal and got them back in record time.

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