Another player's character following me around town

I was standing by stash with my ranger doing my bussiness there, then I went to Tarkleigh to sell stuff and one Maraduder did exactly the same thing at exactly the same time. Then when I finnished my bussiness with Tarkleigh i went back to stash to store some currency and the same Marauder followed me there as well exactly at the same time. First I thought it was coincidence, but then when I went to waypoint to continue exping, the same Marauder followed me again there. Then I no longer thought it was coincidence, but that someone is screwing around trying to do some funny bussiness with me. So I thought, well let's see how good will you be able to follow this - and I started running around the town at total random, but the Marauder was right behind me all the time making no mistakes.
(later I learned that you can follow people just by clicking on them and not releasing the mouse button up, but that was not the case)
Then at one moment when I was at a corner down by the outpost by Tarkleigh, the Marauders picture literally jumped from being right next to me to the stash and I saw the Marauder walking away from the stash continuing hi bussiness.
At that moment I thought, wow that was probably some error, but ofcourse I havent made any pictures of what happened.

Luckily it happened some days after again with another character.
This time a Witch followed me.
She followed me from the Shore Encampment waypoint everywhere I went exactly as it was with the prevoius Marauder.
I made some photos about that this time. And I ended the chase by entering Terraces and going back to town.
Then I saw the Witch standing still on the waypoint.

Here is the story in pictures.
thumbnails at one:
and the whole ones as urls:
And this is where the Witch actually was the whole time

My guess is that somehow the people entered at the exact location at the exact time as I did. Anyhow the game game behaved as they have remained clicked on me and so until they started moving or I reloaded location their picture was attached to mine.
I recall seeing similar stuff happening in Diablo LoD that picture of slain enemies would stick to your feet and that you would "drag" them around for some time untill the ground textures refreshed.
Click on someone, hold the button, alt-tab out. Seems to stay on follow mode(I'm playing in windowed atm).
Yeah, this is a known problem with how 'following' works - Clients will display following, but the characters will be stationary on the server. We'll get around to fixing it up one day!
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