This is the build i used to go 1.2k deeps in delve sc trade league.
I will shortly explain what you need to delve deep 1k+ depth with this build and some useful stuff.

3.5 update

This update will make this build unkillable in 3.5


: i use double nebulochs with fortify on melee hit chance on both of them but one nebuloch with this corruption should do the job.


body armour: loreweave helps us get 80 to all max res including chaos
a corrupted 6l loreweave 80 max res with any reduced element taken is ideal. i choose cold reduced ele. taken because most of the mine monsters deal cold dmg.

: high res move speed life rares nothing special. as-cast speed on kill would be the best boot enchant for us.


helmet: this part is quite important with the build. i prefer at least 30 chaos res rare helmet with 3 extra molten strike projectiles. this is ideal for us to equal all res for extra defense. i ll come to that in the flasks section.


: a xoph amulet is the best choice. its expensive but a good dmg source + increased strength helps a lot with hp.

rings : kaom's ways are our best buddies. not because the regen and not because the life gain on hit. but because 2 extra endurance charges. they come in handy when we wield dual nebulochs which gives us extra defenses with every endurance charge.
ps:a non upgraded kaom's ring corrupted with cannot be ignited is really good with dealing azurite dragon and ignite on hit mods.

: i prefer an elder belt with inc. max life + most to max life and elemental dmg with attacks. if you can find a belt with life recovery rate that would help you with life leech. we dont need it but it comes handy in deeper depths.
you also can use headhunter within nemesis modded encounters which increases your strength via stealing rare monster mods.

jewels: a life gained on hit watcher's eye while affected by vitality. this is the most important way to survive in deeper depths with this build. this mode helps us gain life from attacks + projectiles + spells hits enemies which usually makes us regen from any dmg if we dont get 1 shotted.
two wildfires one with corrupted blood corruption and one with crit. other jewels are there to help us equal all our res and get increased life.

offhand: i usually use a brightbeak and prismatic eclipse to leap slam faster. you can link leap slam + faster attacks + blood magic into brightbeak in order to not get out of mana while leaping fast.

offhand mapping option #2:
there is another option to map faster than molten strike.
you can swap in chin sol with 6l ele hit pierce supported in it.you can swap your molten strike jewels and you are ready to map with elemental hit.
i did this to map while i was farming sulphite. it is alot faster than molten strike but can be dangerous if u are trying to level up.
since we already have point blank chin sol actually deals a good amount of dmg in close range.
bow links:ele hit-pierce-gmp-fire pen-ele focus-elemental dmg with attacks

flasks: this part is pretty important. i use all utility flasks because we dont depend on life flasks down here. life flasks are for losers. jokes aside this is where our survivability shows up. its important to manage our flasks properly and always keep them up.
i use wise oak with all equal ress to get 10 reduced to all dmg taken.

for mappers(losers) i ll add life flask and movement flask options:

skill tree(s)
:i have 2 setups i use atm. first will be my usual deep delver with elemental overload. 2nd one is for my uber elder kills which i change some things to kill uber elder smoothly.
deep delve tree(elemental overload):

uber elder smooth criminal(resolute technique):

bandits: i did choose oak but it might be better to kill all for extra 2 points because we need em.

the pantheon of gods: i am currently using all upgraded solaris as my major god and yugul as my minor god.
no extra dmg from crits is crucial not to be get 1 shotted. and yugul gives us that juicy reduced cold dmg taken.

auras: i mainly focus on my survival so i use vitality-arctic armour-enfeeble with blasphemy.
i have an extra enfeeble on my cast when dmg taken setup which is for the enemies are out of my blasphemy reach.

links:i will link them from most important to less.
body armour: molten strike-elemental damage with attacks- multistrike-ancestral call-elefocus(or conceffect)-fire pen
any 4 link : cwdt lvl 1-ball lightning- gmp-cull or blind ( this part is really important to survive while you are not attacking any monsters.)
other 4 links: at least englihten 3 with vitality-arctic armour and enfeeble blasphemy in another setup.
3 links: leap fortify(can be cull) faster attacks
cwdt(max lvl)-ice golem- enfeeble ( cursing far away monsters)

survival guide to 1k+ depth

with this build there are several mods you need to dodge:
at 500+ depth you will start struggling with mods.
first mode you wanna avoid is enemies have 30% chance to steal your charges. since our build depends on endurance charges this is deadly.
2 extra ele dmg mods + pen or 3 extra ele dmg mods: since lightning dmg is our worst defense we need to avoid too much extra ele dmg.
exiles with extra ele dmg mods: these can be quite annoying since they spit in your face and 1 shot you from far far away. dont be stubborn just sidetrack these if you cant pass them.

Why you have to delve 1k+:
delve rewards increases exponentially as you go deeper. its so worth going down the delve people underestimate it. i ll have 3 fossil stashes each worth 1 exalt after 1k depth. this is how good it is down there.

last words: you can pm me for questions if im online ign:MrsDelveUrAss
or message me via forum.
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
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Very nice Build and great guide! TY!
Nice build, I love that part that you use elemental hit for mapping. Can you share your PoB?
Completed 8 Challengescuquay188 wrote:
Nice build, I love that part that you use elemental hit for mapping. Can you share your PoB?

i dont use 3rd party programs. sry
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
Why are nearly all helms with that enchant for sale mirrored?
CyndiLauper wrote:
Why are nearly all helms with that enchant for sale mirrored?

Fractured fossils are not that hard to find and buy. And if u mirror an item with enchant it keeps the enchant but it changes the modifiers so its actually profitable with a good base and a good enchant.
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
Wouldn't we get way more damage from an amulet with flat fire damage and increased elemental damage instead of Xoph's Blood?

EDIT: my tooltip was messing with me, we have more damage with Xoph's Blood.

Also, where do you get int for the gems?
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Out of curiosity how much life do you have? I cant seem to get past 6.5k life
Completed 6 Challengescasualrat wrote:
Out of curiosity how much life do you have? I cant seem to get past 6.5k life

7k but it depends on tree setup and the rare life values you have on items. i think peek max life would be 7k. but you can survive most of the things with 6.5k life. you just have to not get 1 shotted.
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
CyndiLauper wrote:

Also, where do you get int for the gems?

Got a bit from abyss jewels, how about you?
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