[3.4 Delve Aurabot] 12 auras+3 curses

Figured I'd post my current setup for my aurabot. All suggestions & questions welcome.

Level: 93

Current Energy Shield: 7.4k

Life: 100, 2k reserved

Attributes: 405 int, 276 str, 207 dex

Curses: elemental weakness, enfeeble, temp chains(all level 20, 44 quality)

Auras: purity of fire, purity of ice, purity of lightning, purity of elements, grace, haste, anger, wrath, vitality, clarity, discipline, aspect of the spider

with flasks up
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88 88 89 res is ur normal res or with flask ?
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nhtl017953 wrote:
88 88 89 res is ur normal res or with flask ?

with flasks.

normal res: 82(fire), 82(cold), 83(lightning) - on a side note, it could be +1 to all those res if i would get 21 puritys, but i don't have that at the moment.
post a PoB.

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