3.4 Inpulsa's Freeze/Shock Molten Strike Elementalist - LGoH Tank and Speed Delver

Love Molten Strike but hate slowly going through maps? Do you have more Herald MTX than you know what to do with? Hate your GPU? Then this is the build for you!

Hello Exiles. While I cant take credit for discovering the 3 dragons/Inpulsas interaction I've taken the build a different route. Check out SOMAYDs Blade Flurry Elementalist if that's more your style. Every party I go into I get asked about this build or asked firmly to remove my Herald MTXs :)

Here is my current Lvl 91 Build in Delve Softcore.

Always feel free to check my character tab for most updated setup as this build keeps changing with what I'm currently running.

This build is meant to clear delves very safely, quickly and yes reddit folks I'm aware that a MS Jugg char will be tankier and a MF windripper is faster. This is one of the most fun builds I have personally played and has been my league long char to invest into for 2 leagues now. I have all 4 corrupted guardians and shaper down. This build can be expensive and is not for everyone. A reasonable estimate is around 10 ex to get to shaper/corrupted guardian face tanking. It requires good abyss jewels (high life + ele dmg to attacks) which can run 30-50c ea. You need to have a good grasp of character building and know where you can drop dmg for life or make sacrifices here and there for overall survivability. I tried to make this guide as in depth as possible.

I love playing molten strike but always hate the slow mapping. With this setup we can explode the whole screen with 1 click and even shield charge through lower tier maps. Easy to swap into MF gear and also some GG items to take on Uber Elder. We stack Fire and Lightning elemental damage because with 3 dragons our Fire damage will Shock and Lightning damage will Freeze.

- Fast clear
- Satisfying Explosions
- Great Single Target and Clear Speed
- Can swap around Herald MTX and it'll feel like a whole new build
- MF Viable

- Can Be Laggy on Older Machines with the MTX
- Not Very Beginner Friendly
- Interaction is probably going to be Nerf'd
- Can get expensive to Min Max (Mathil just made a MS LGoH char so rings are going up each day)
- Helm enchants are hard to come by on 3 dragons.
- Your not going to Top the Delve Leaderboards vs the Huge eHP Chars.

I have been using this build primarily to chain t13 - t16s (very comfortable T16 farmer have done all deathless many times) and delve monster level 83 zones (at 375 currently making my way further down).

Stacking Life Gain on Hit can be pretty strong with Molten Strike. Easy build for lazy people who want to avoid boss mechanics. While i don't condone cheezing the game this way, you will eventually take on more than you can handle doing this, but it's a real life saver if you get into a sticky situation.


How good is life gain on hit?

Currently I have 7 projetiles attacking 5.75 times per second. With +20 LGoH on both rings and Lvl 12 Poachers mark we get 57 life gained for each hit on an enemy. Using an Imperail Claw we also get the +46 Implicit for a total of 103 life per ball per hit. This gives us a maximum of 4K HP per second before Ancestral Call. This means if 40% of our balls hit the target (a reasonable number) we're still getting 1.6K life per second.

This works like a pseudo old vaal pact giving us, what is essentially, instant leech. Here is a video tanking darkness mobs at around lvl 100:

As long as your attacking you will survive. Stuns will get you and theres really no benefit of being able to do this it's just to showcase the interaction.


How are we exploding the whole screen?

When we kill a shocked enemy they explode dealing X% amount of their maximum life as lightning damage. This damage cannot shock due to the explicit line in the Armour. So with 3 dragons this damage is able to freeze. When the enemies freeze this will trigger our Herald of Ice.

Herald of Ice is linked with Cold to Fire - Innervate which means the explosions have a chance to shock (which will restart the cycle with Inpulsa's.

This cycle will continue until their is no monsters left. If you happen to run into a monster pack with the "cannot die" aura, you will most likely crash your game.


Videos and Gifs:


Delving lvl 83 and 300 Achievement

T14 Crimson Temple Double Boss Corrupted + Monster Life

Elder and Ancestral Call Guide

T16 Mino with Beyond


Headhunter and MF gear (none of the other videos have Headhunter, this is just for showcase if you want to use one)

Budget Delving @340 - No Boots, 5 Link, No helm enchant, No Herald of Ash (no 25% Fire Pen from Uber Ascendency), Thief's Torment ring and Quant Amulet (No Yoke of Suffering)

T16 Corrupted Mino Kill:

T16 Corrupted Vaal Temple Completion - Extra Crits and Temp Chains 2 deaths

Shaper Completion





Inpulsa's Broken Heart. Mods to look for are Explosions deal X amount of damage ( you want 10% but its OK if the effect of shock is high) and Effect to Shock


This is required in order to have Inpulsa's Freeze. Ideally you want the +3 Molten Strike Projectiles enchant but... Nobody is enchanting 3 dragon helms. +3 is 42% more damage and Life gained on hit. Unfortunately the 3 dragons is build enabling.

**Update** After about 150 Enchanted Fossils I finally Hit +2 Molten Strike Projectiles on a Golden Mask and then Chance Scour'd it into 3 dragons with 129 chances. If you want to try for these just be mindful of the enchants your getting, some of these can be worth alot on 3 dragons. 3 dragons is currently being used for autobomber builds and bladeflurry so any blade furry IAS, damage or general herald damages can be worth to chance into 3 dragons and then sell. I reccomend using a shaped base. I've also sold Scourge Arrow and body swap enchants. VD Corpse is also worth alot.

Other enchants :
Molten strike damage, Blood Rage enchants. Also there are a couple corruptions you can use. Effect of Shock being the best one. I used both a 30% increased effect of shock vs 40% Increased Molten Strike damage and I was unable to tell which was better so I would say they are very close.


One or Two socket Tombfists are Best In Slot here. Make sure you use a Murderous Eye Jewel to intimidate. If using 2 sockets use both a murderous and a searching eye jewel. I like this current enchant because it creates consecrated ground when hit by crit so itll increase your life regen. Other good options are of fury, spite for a more defensive chill based enchant or the one that creates a mirror of yourself.

Insanity crafted gloves with More Attack and Cast Speed are amazing if you want even more speed. Just socket your movement skill of choice in here. High Life is priority and then Res / Attack Speed. Try to get as much resist as you can here to help with your ring section. Rings can be expensive once you add elder mods and resistances.


Just some rares with Movement Speed, Life and Resists. Try to get as much resist as you can here to help with your ring section. Rings can be expensive once you add elder mods and resistances.
Enchants: Freeze, shock, ignite is the best if you want consistent clear speed... Dodge, Ele Pen, Crit if you haven't Crit Recently (helps proc Ele Overload), flat damage to attacks, attack and cast speed, movement speed. Options are completely up to your play style.

Currently I was able to drop my boots and still be res capped so I'm using 2 Socket Bubonic's

I would only recommend these if you have some pretty solid res gear elsewhere. the 2 jewel sockets are nice but survivability is more important. You can't deal damage if your dead.


High Res, Life, and Elemental damage with attacks if you can afford it.

Headhunter is incredible for this build, I generally don't use it because my shield charge goes crazy and i start charging into a wall over and over. You can just hold down shield charge and clear everything tho. There is a video posted in the video section using a HH with MF setup if that's your style, also another good option is Biso's Leash for the rampage bonus.


Chance to shock is the roll your looking for here.

An Elder would also be probably be better with non chaos as extra chaos, leech, high life, attack speed. Could also use a bisco's or shaped quant amulet here if you want to maximize MF. Look for ele dmg to attacks and Quant.


You want to search for the T1 Life gained on Hit Mod. Each Molten Strike ball that hits an enemy will give you 20 Life per ring. Using Poacher's Mark on hit gives an additional 20 from curse and increased flask charges gained. Prioritze res/high life on your other gear slots to make these cheaper to buy. The last two rings i bought for around 20-30c a piece and vaal'd hoping for immune to bleed.

A good substitute until you can get LGoH rings with some damage is the trusty:

We can achieve over 35 balls a second with this build (without an additional projectiles from Helm Enchant or Dying sun). An Imperail Claw bse, 2 T1 rolls + Poachers Mark rings will give us around 100 life per ball per hit.


Look for an imperial claw with at least 2 attacks per second. Flat ele dmg is second to attack speed because we're going to get alot of flat ele dmg from our jewels. Crit is not required which makes these claws SOOOOO much cheaper than their crit counterparts. If you have the extra funds pick up a crit one to help out with proc'ing Elemental Overloard (40% more ele dmg if you've crit recently) I bought this claw for 2 ex and multimodded.

Easy Budget Option that requires a little different pathing on the tree:
I will post a POB section for you if you want to go this route. These swords are cheap and perfect for molten strike. This setup I believe could honestly out DPS my current with a little different pathing on the tree but I already have my claw. If you go this route leave a comment and let me know how it is. You could dual wield if you get uncorrupted ones (the have an accuracy implicit). Look for high attack speed.


Lycosidae is cheap this league and prevents us from needing to get accuracy anywhere. If you want to dual wield you will need accuracy somewhere.


Two Wildfire Molten Strike Unique Jewels: Place these on the left side of the tree. Your first can be from a quest reward.

Get abyss jewels with high elemental damage to attacks, damage to claw attacks, attack speed, effect of shock, and life. Try and get one jewel that has Onslaught, Blind, Phasing.. with how fast we can clear thru maps this will always be up allowing a defensive flask rather than an onslaught

What does effect of shock do? With elementalist our shocks do at least 20% increased damage from ascendancy. We are shocking every monster. If you get 100% increased shock from jewels and inpulsas that means its at least going to cause 40% MORE damage taken. I think 100% is a good number to shoot for here I currently have 99% inc shock effect.


Using this below the scion cluster to convert the scion life wheel nodes to 7% gives me about 200 life. I also spec'd into the res portion next to the jewel socket to drop my boots for some bubonic trails which is 2 more jewel sockets! I did have to pick up a 10% all res jewel to make my res 85 across the board. Great for wise oak since with 3 dragons and this cluster your at 18 all res before anything else on gear.

Required -

If your going to use a life flask you will want instant recovery and bleed immunity.

These are the flasks i use 99% of the time. I will swap in the phasing/curse removal flask if i'm running a temp chains map or if i'm doing delves that require a lot of running into side rooms. The phasing allows you to run through mobs and helps get out of tough situations.

**Update I currently run a basalt flask all the time with freeze immunity over the onslaught or phasing flask. This gives the build some phys mitigation which is always nice and paired with IC.

More DPS flasks but expensive:

Dying Sun is a large dps boost to the build but I haven't found it necessary for daily playing yet. Plus with the added fire res it makes it very hard to balance resistances around wise oak.

Vinktar - Same issue for wise oak. The shock is nice and we don't have to worry about shock immunity thanks to Inpulsa's.

Lions Roar - I've seen a lot of MS builds using this recently due to the knockback effect. I don't like it because it'll push the enemies out of close range for point blank.

Rumi's for Block? - I do not use Rumi's after the block nerf's. Currently on the tree I'm grabbing Phase Acro and Acro which gives us 50/40 dodge. With the flask nodes in Witch and Rumi's your only about 54/10 block/spell block and thats only up when the flask is. Block takes too much investment for this build where dodge and evasion are passives that are always up.

Magic Find Gear:
I'll put on these items if i'm chaining some maps or doing under 300 delves. Could also get Goldwyrm boots if you wanted to go all out.


Passive Tree (POB Below)

Gem Links


4 Red Gems on your chest can be hard to get, I would reccomend using Vorici 2 red and hoping for 2 more. You can use the 3 red vorici but I got 4 red in about 200 chromes or around 15 chaos.

Molten Strike - Elemental Damage With Attacks - Multi Strike - Conc Effect - Ancestral Call

When using ancestral call you want to be a little bit away from the boss. don't face tank directly ontop of him. once your outside of melee range the ancestral call will start working doulbing your damage by shooting the boss from the opposite side. It takes a little bit of practice but you will notice a massive difference once it starts.

For your 6th Link, based on how your Vorici Coloring Goes in order of DPS. Load your character into POB to know your own personal best 6th link since it will largely depend on the ammount of flat damage you have on abyss jewels. I went for more IAS jewels and effect of shock so Immolate gets the slight edge.

Slower Projectiles

Added Lightning Damage

Cast When Damage Taken - Blood Rage - Immortal Call
** Important ***
If you are using Soul of Arakali You need to have your blood rage directly after CWDT and before IC. The skills are used in order so Casting Blood rage (phys dmg over time) and then IC you will proc your pantheon of Inc Life Recovery Rate. This has no effect on LGoH and will increase your regen only. If you are using the Vaal Pact tree (you don't have two rings with T1 Life gained on Hit, then you will get a degen from the blood rage.) Blood rage is by no means required for this build, you will get frenzy charges from Ice Bite linked to HoI and from your Poacher's Mark. Blood Rage is a nice attack speed boost when you have enough regen to counter act the degen. I usually remove this gem if i'm running Lab or in a Very High tier vulnerability map.)

Herald of Ice - Ice Bite
- Innervate - Cold to Fire

Herald of Ash - Ancestral Protector - Vaal Haste

Herald of Thunder - Onslaught - Culling Strike (onslaught and culling strike are optional and first to go once you get 2 so tombfists or go with 2 so bubonic boots. You can also drop onslaught If you get an abyss jewel with %chance to gain onslaught on kill.

Shield Charge - Fortify - Faster Attacks

Other good gems are Flame, Lightning, or stone golems. Lightning being best for dps and stone for the added life regen.

Increased duration on Vaal Haste, Immortal Call or Ancestral Protector.

I tried out a Vaal Warchief but didnt find it necessary. Ancestral Protector is BIS for totems on this build due to the IAS buff.

I will socket a Ele Dmg with Attacks to my shield charge setup on my MF gear since I have the extra slot and it helps to kill packs with shield charge alone.


POB Links:


Lvl 90 POB with Vaal Pact (Reccmonded until you get good LGoH Rings) https://pastebin.com/vWNBGLGS

My current Setup. Shaper Down, Guardians Delve Bosses etc (No Vaal Pact/6k hp)

Tree for using Grelwood Sword




Bandits - Kill All

Pantheon - Soul of Aarakali is great if using blood rage and your choice for a minor power. I like the Movement speed one.

For lower delving (350+) im currently using a fully upgraded Soul of Solaris and the minor power that gives life regen and phys dmg reduction while stationary.

Leveling - I leveled as Rain of Arrows and respec'd at lvl 70. Follow any basic leveling guide. You could level as MS but i would't reccomend it.

Ascendency - Beacon of Ruin first then Mastermind of Discord.
** You will not be able to run Herald of Ash until you have your uber lab **

Map Mods to Avoid - Elemental Reflect (will one shot yourseld) and Monsters have 90% Chance to Avoid Ailments. (Can be done but then ur just playing boring molten strike)
No regen is a pain but doable.


Standard Players

IF your playing standard there is a couple OP OP OP items we can add to this build. Obviously a Headhunter is amazing for the build.

Drop the phase acro nodes and grab the Flask stuff in the witch area. Put on a legacy rumi's and your block capped.

Legacy Pyre is also good which will make all of our cold damage to fire helping scaling elemental penetration. Cold damage ignites with 3 dragons so we don't care about it.



Mana Leech - We grab a single mana leech node on the bottom right hand side of the tree called "mana leech" this node and using a Poacher's Mark CoH ring is all you will need. If your having issues with mana while leveling or before you can path to this node a good option is to grab the new Ring that Curses enemies on Hit and socket a Poacher's Mark into it.

You can also use a gemeni claw base for your weapon which will grant additional mana gained on hit. Once you have a lvl 8-12 Poacher's on hit ring and the mana node you will not have any mana issues.

Can You do Uber Elder with this build?

No doubt somoeone could with this current setup, i'm not good at Uber Elder myself and i don't find it financially viable to rip frag sets. Also if your really wanting a Top Tier boss killer just use a +3 Molten Strike Proj helm (any helm) and a Loreweave or Shroud of the Lightless, you won't get the cool explosions but those are for clear speed.

Why if im feeling squishy?

Check your abyss jewels, they are a huge part of the life pool for this build. Every jewel should have life on it. Molten Strike can carry a build very far on it's own make sure your getting good life rolls on these.

Life Gain on Hit is corner stone of this build, T1 rolls (16 min) are your highest priorities on rings.

Make sure your res capped and with more levels the stronger the build gets. There is alot of the tree allocated to %life nodes.

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Love the idea.Ever since i played dw Brutus Lead Sprinkler MS clear was a reason to never play that one again^^, Would love a vid to see this in aktion tho
Videos Up my dude, you caught me in the middle of creating the guide! :)
....Shit...well time to 6 L inpulsas again xD Thanks for the reply.

ps:6 jewler 3 fus 6L...it was meant to be xD
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....Shit...well time to 6 L inpulsas again xD Thanks for the reply.

ps:6 jewler 3 fus 6L...it was meant to be xD

Wow nice! I refuse to attempt to 6 link things myself nowadays lol. Good luck on the chroming :)
Optimal flasks, my initial guess:

Dying Sun
Wise Oak
Atziri's Promise

What else? Adrenaline, Rumi, etc?

Optimal flasks, my initial guess:

Dying Sun
Wise Oak
Atziri's Promise

What else? Adrenaline, Rumi, etc?

Damn I totally forgot to put flasks in, Curretly I use a

Instant Life with Bleed Immunity
Wise Oak
Onslaught or Phasing Flask (Phasing usually for delves to help escape if you take a wrong turn) Usually run a freeze immunity here but will swap for a curse immune if doing a temp chains map

Will add that section to the guide
BUMP! Really fun build! I played the BF version and just wasn't a fan as I felt it was struggling in harder content due to leech restraints. This build handles that much better just trying to find a way to be more tanky right now.
Endurance Charge Genereation could help, I'm going to test out running a Red Dream just below the scion wheel. Could also try out a Might of the Meek here to make the scion life nodes grant 7%. Let me know if you find anything inexpensive I may be overlooking!
Going to try it out. I'm currently running the BF version of this but it's really a glass canon. Is this version better? in regards of survivability.

Thank You !

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