3.4.3c Patch Notes

350 DEPTHS (And many side-walks) : 1 BOSS ENCOUNTER

Realistic do the 4 lines for each boss challenge ?

I will repeat again : if you create a new content for a league, give the opportunity to the players to play it/farm it, giving more boss encounter with low/lower unique drop-rate.

Or choose to make hardest as fuck to cross any new boss like in Bestiary league : RIP league.
ChewMyFudge wrote:

Look on the bright side!

Not sure if intentional but an appropriate pun nontheless.
Challenges too challenging BabyRage

Just don't fucking do it, half of the people complaining weren't gonna make it in any league...
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DrDraids wrote:
Challenges too challenging BabyRage

Well, killing Uber Elder without help is challenging, most casuals won't even get to him. Finding the super rare boss encounters in a randomly generated Delve.. that's not challenging, it's luck.

Changing rules on how things work in Delve, how to complete challenges, etc one month into the league makes no sense. The damage has been done :D! Who had the time exploited the hell out of it, making it harder for the rest just ensures they won't get to enjoy the new league content.
Well, I used to do the challenges as a passionate casual going slowly (mostly reached 36/40 and one to 40), hated past leagues "mechanics" and all the known problems and all the RNG crap, but now.. dunno, i wonder how many are in the same boat as me regarding that dream of doing and enjoying the challenges (that feel of chance on riding that progression towards a goal). All i see is rng here rng there, play whole day and pray to... it's fxxxxx frustrating. I know someone who went every league 40/40, even he gave up, he was usually done with every league pretty fast but with this delve one something died (the idea of chasing a goal without being behind the rng wall?). I mean, who is enjoying this (excluding the people without common sense)? I am sitting at 5/40 and have ZERO dreams of going for the 6/40 knowing what to expect at 30+. I'm not going again for the bestiary rng hunt as per example.
First time i will complete Quest-Challenge and End-Game-Grind before RNG-Challenges...
Great! You're the best!
There can be no bystanders in the battle for survival.
Anyone who will not fight by your side is an enemy you must crush.

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After the last update, it does not work in the game to control the character using the mouse cursor. Deleting the game and reinstalling did not give anything. I have widows 8.1 for all updates. So what should I do?
DrDraids wrote:
Challenges too challenging BabyRage

Just don't fucking do it, half of the people complaining weren't gonna make it in any league...

Really? I'm getting the impression that many of the people complaining about the challenges this league are in fact the ones who really care about challenges and normally get to 36/40 or 40/40 in most leagues.
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The Zana Mods to Shape a Map now correctly require 5 Memory Fragments, 10 Memory Fragments, and the Elder Orb acquired respectively to become unlocked.

Hi, I have 10 memory fragments and I don't have the "Shaped Tier 6-10" anymore.

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