[3.5] Sallynátor's Voidforge Cyclone Slayer | Shaper/Uber Atziri viable

Hello welcome to my 2nd build guide. I've managed to kill Shaper/Uber Atziri in Delve league. Still missing few encounters (Chayula,Uber Elder, Pale Council etc.). So let's get started that's the reason why you are probably in here.

Pros & Cons


- Fast Melee Build
- Tanky
- Slayer Overleech
- Great Uber Lab Farmer
- No Need To Gem Swap For Bosses

- Leech won't save you from Oneshot/Burst Damage
- Not a T1 Clear Speed build
- Balancing Resists for Wise Oak is painful
- Expensive if you want to Min-Max



Skill Gems - In Order Of Importance


Ancestral Warchief

Cast When Damage Taken

Leap Slam


Blood Rage & Golem

Passive Skill Tree/Bandits/Ascendancy

Leveling Trees

12 Points
25 Points
40 Points
61 Points
80 Points
100 Points


Just press flasks and Spin to win.

If you encounter tougher boss just use your Enduring Cry to gain Endurance Charges so you get a little bit of phys mitigation and if you get hit you get 3s Immortal Call which makes you immune to Physical Damage.

3 seconds doesn't seem like a lot but it really helps. You can fall back or finish what you've started/get another Endurance Charges which provide Life Regen (After using Enduring Cry) & extra Physical Mitigation

Showcase Of The Build

Filling This Section Slowly


Uber Atziri

Twinned T15 Carcass (Sorry for audio)

T15 Lava Lake

Pale Council

Uber Lab Run

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If you have any questions, PM me or ask in the comments.
1st Video up, T15 Double Boss Carcass :)
New video up :)
Pale Council video up
Videos looking great!
Caretaker of the Shadow build list.
Why voidforge compared to starforge? Because it's (was, thanks Mathil) cheaper?
Thanks for the positive feedback haamoo.

Yukorin i started this build before Mathil started leveling that Consecrated Path with Voidforge. I was bored with playing Phys cyclone all the time so i felt like trying Voidforge instead. I always liked Doomfletch so i was thinking this one might work as well.
Yukorin1992 wrote:
Why voidforge compared to starforge? Because it's (was, thanks Mathil) cheaper?

Forgot to Quote you before.
wow, this is a cool build. if i wasnt already working on a starforge pure phys cyclone slayer i would definitely jump on this

good stuff!

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