3.4.3 Patch Notes

Illsonmedia wrote:

that's what she said.

edit: I can't wait to start mapping. no more Quarry.

are you an idiot?! you could do that all along! this patch is nothing but a nerf
since I have no hope for significant game design improvements in this game I am officially done with Path of Exile. done for good
Thank you GGG!!
Any plans to add a search function to the azurite mines map?
Fix for disappearing RF ring and resulting graphics glitches sometimes making the game unplayable.. WHEN?!
Still no way to turn the stupid "depths reached" messages off.... seriously GGG...do something about that spam. We don't care who is what depth.
very nice! tks for that! :]
lmao at people ragequitting before seeing the changes in amount of fuel gained per map, see the chances and then complain ffs
I liked that the mine was different for every character, what's the point of this change? Also, we really need search function for Delve Map, I'm surprised it's still not in the game 20 days into the league.
We heard you wanted to spend more time in the mines, so we increased the max gas capacity at the higher levels so you can delve longer! *We also increased the costs across the board so actually you cant*

If it turns out other then that I'll be amazed.
I am still not encouraged to do maps. If I wanted to play maps I would just play standard.
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