3.4.3 Patch Notes


this game is 100% free

If this game is free, then the GGG can release shit instead of a patch?
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Ygidua wrote:
Sulphite costs, i can see why you all are upset by that, but don't seem likely whiny, entitled little brats and tell GGG to fix their game.

You KNOW they will have a hotfix ASAP.

You are playing a free-to-play game, you are given patches, hotfixes, content (FREE CONTENT) on a decent basis. Even though some the patches they release are shitty, like this one, you don'y have to say "Hey developers HEHEHE fix your game!! HEHEHE GET TO WORK HEHEHE."

I haven't been DCed from a server that wasn't my internets fault in probably 4 or 5 leagues. Give me a break, you can survive a day or two without some PoE.

is only gaem, y u hef 2 be med?

It´s not really free.

Quite a lot of people bought things from the shop, just sayin. Besides that, playing without tabs is not fun.

Last but not least, the DC´s are not the major issue, they will fix that. But Sulphite costs of 6k are, when maps give less than before!

Ok about the 'free': This game is 100% free and has the least pay to win elements I have ever seen in a free game. Literally the only thing you can buy for real money tht impacts your game is storage. Yes I wouldn't want to play without it but that's all you can get. Cosmetics don't do anything except lag maybe.
Have you seen other games? It starts with storage and in the end you can buy exp boosts, crafting stuffand more for real money.

I can't comment on how much maps give because I haven't been able to log in since the patch. But the cost of 6k is for a longer patch. As far as I understand it the sulphite cost of 2k is per segment(!). That means a patch of 5 will cost 10k sulphite.

Everything I can see now is "mimimi server not working", "mimimi no hotfix after 5 minutes" and a lot about the sulphite. Just give it a bit of time and wait how it actually plays out. Stop crying and play the patch for more than 2 hours before you actually comment on the changes.
Sulphite costs have been capped at 2000 Sulphite per segment (which occurs at depth 955).

Oh did they now?


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ALSO, I love how the devs favor a third party site (reddit) over their own 1st party site (these forums)
Finally got in after 3 DCs...

Kieren_GGG wrote:
This should now be fixed and no longer occurring in new instances.

Thanks for the Patch, now I can't play at all.
Nice patch (sarcasm).
Old time t15 dove 200 sulphit with 260 cost on 570 depth
its x22 t15 = 4400 sulphit = +17 depth lvl
Now t15 100% quantity dove 1100 sulphit with 1600 cost on 570 depth
its x22 t15 = 24200 sulphit = +15 depth lvl
Well, -2 lvl depth, now we need more time for collected sulphit. Graz
Drakaris wrote:
TonskiOne wrote:
Thank You
i want to play too, and its S*** that that we cant, but let em fix it
the 6.5 K atzurit delve is clearly a bug, like they said 2 k will be the limit, they will fix it, come down ppl
in an Hour or two we will play again and it will be great

No, they will not. It is 2k per segment, the 6.5k cost is from multiple segments i.e. the path is longer than a single segment. Someone posted on reddit 11k+ sulphite node from a long path at depth 477.

yes you are right,
i interpreted it wrong,
and my tier 11 gave me 531 so that means 22 map for that delve you discripeted, thats just BS
this needs the fix i thought they give us

Greaaattt. Sulphite costs at my depth (240) were around 600 pre patch now they are 2200. I dont want to grind maps for a pityful ammount of suplhite. Not that im finding any good masps to grind. Yup this patch killed delving for me. Thanks was fun while it lasted guess i will go play something else.
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Wow you teased an infinite dungeon, and against logic and overwhelming player feed back you've fucked up horribly and made farming sulphite far more obnoxious and restrictive. So goddamn lucky there's no competition in the ARPG genre these days that you can get away with stuff like this.
Buy the ticket, take the ride.

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