How do you join a group Delve on XBox?

How do you join a group Delve on XBox?

I'm already in a group and we can do regular content fine. One of us can go to the mines via Niko, then the other uses the portal that appears and we are both in the mine encampment. After that I don't know how to get the other persons cart run. Help?
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1. Host loads into a fresh mine camp.
2. Rest of party warps to player.
3. Everyone should be at the camp with the host now.
4. Host chooses where to Delve.
5. Party must warp to host again.
6. Wait for everyone to load before starting run.

Edit: In case you don't know about the new warp feature:
1. Start
2. LS over to player name.
3. Press A.
4. Go to warp to player. (must be in a town or hideout).
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