Someone just hacked the servers and magically got into my guild

So this is what happened at approximately 2:20pm Colorado time a player hacked his way into my guild and emptied the guild stash. even the officers only page I need immediate gm assistance.
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Over half your Guild is comprised of people at the Officer rank.

Are you sure nobody invited that person accidentally?
yes they left the guild after stealing all the items a gm checking the scripts can confirm this...
Unfortunately, their policy is not to restore items.

I don't think the person "hacked the server" - if they did, they'd just silently spawn loot for themselves rather than brazenly stealing from dozens of people at a time, each of whom could contact GGG to report it. Regardless, I'm very sorry to hear that this happened. :(
Its fine I mean it was maybe 70c in uniques. still ggg should be responding not you, ya know...
If you want to discuss things privately, e-mail
Im not really concerned about talking about it publicly
AKAShadows wrote:
Im not really concerned about talking about it publicly

That's nice, this is a public forum mostly for self help.

If you want your hand held then you contact support privately.
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I still think Sarno is right though -->
Invite to party and invite to Guild is so close to each other when you right click someone. I have invited people to my guild several times by mistake....

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