3.4 - Expensive arc totems hierophant - Aul's crystal king - Uber elder - Uber Atziri - Shaper

50 ex for a totem build, what a time to be alive
I see you sell all your gear on poe trade. Could you atleast finish the guide before you rip everything? thanks.
c0debr3ak wrote:

a void battery with only 6 power charges and without dual wielding vb its pretty retarded, you are getting 25 x 6 - 80, so you are using 70% spell dmg

40(implicite)+4(behind witch PC)+(25*6)-80=114
c0debr3ak wrote:
Added the PoB, new gear, etc

Do you test Starkonja's Head with the belt?
Seems pretty OP in first place :p

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