Nerf concecrated path...

Concecrated path

So I seen builds in action but did not really try it until today...ho boy

-Skill gameplay

-First of all the skill is like a flicker strike without cooldown.

We know how OP flicker strike was in pvp until it go hardnerfed for good reason.

What I don t really understand is why a skill acting in a similar fashion is out live without looking a potential pvp problem while it is so closely related to old flicker?

-Second with the new melee change players don t need to namelock characters, they can literally put their cursor about 5 cm around target and the skill will auto-attack said target in the area

All to help timmy? Do melee player really need auto skills?

It create broken situation were one without skill to play the game can just random click in panic mod around something moving and get teleported 1 shooting stuff around without effort or need to target. Talk about skill needed in pvp? GGG this skill is like VD for melee, no need to target, no cooldown, op damage.

Now timmy can 1 shot people without precision almost like a ranged player!

-the damage

It is bonkers with specific weapon. Who on his right mind decided to give a skill like that to all weapons? This should have been made 2h only imo. And as that you guys decided to give it fire damage conversion, something we all know can go broken with items combinations/converstion/gained as extra crap.

The result is x-y damage going toward the millions dps with certain items or 600k without legacies and that with the possibility to get penetration!

Why not 50% converted to cold? lightning? naaaaaaa it have been decided to use Fire the main cancer element for conversion problems.

I won t share any build as someone around made it first.

-for GGG:

The skill is broken, you guys need to use whatever program you have to test shit and test it using phy to fire conversion and all weapon types.

My opinion is the skill either need a cooldown, only can be used namelocking or a BIG % nerf in pvp ala flicker strike

I always been someone who complained about ranged skills being op but It would be dishonest to not talk about this auto targeting melee skill.

git good, copying a skill tree is hard skilled shit yo!

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This skill isn't how you "balance" melee. It's the sole reason I don't play this shit game atm because as usual it's a retard's heyday and just another example of bandwagoning only in the form of melee this time. Melee didn't even need help outside of nerfs to the other areas of the game. You know the things GGG implemented solely to make being ranged harder without considering there are players who aren't......I know it was a small oversight. Concentrated Path is what i'd expect to be designed on Friday after casually looking at how stupid all the ranged options they've given to Timmy all these years have become. Just said, fuck it lets wrap as much bull shit into 1 skill that we can and melee tag it.

This skill would of been unique if it were unarmed only. They generally lack "great" mobility and it's niche. You reduce the damage, taking into account their scaling opportunities and reduce the distance it can auto travel. Think of it like a monk skill in other games.

Btw the crips and bloods episode of South Park is one of the best.
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I shared my pob to you and talk alot.
Truly its over melee skill now.

Hmm.. But it's not a t1 build to get serius nerf.
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I shared my pob to you and talk alot.
Truly its over melee skill now.

Hmm.. But it's not a t1 build to get serius nerf.

Ho it s not even about your build. Some people with 1h weapon could 1 shot most of others that were not tanks.

I tried 2h version and damage was absurd and what shock me is the skill can target people 5cm away from cursor.

This is the real problem here as there is no need to target in order to deal big damage.

1h with shield, some nebulock guy using RF for some reason, my 2h version it looked really broken gameplay wise.

Then of course relith version was on top of all but really just 1h nebulock was 2-3 shooting 90% of people.

As for this thread, I can t complain for years about ranged build needing no targeting to kill people and then shut my mouth because a melee skill is doing it too. GGG make it old style namelock and maybe it would be fair.
git good, copying a skill tree is hard skilled shit yo!

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it's hard to convince me that a single time hitting skill can be OP in pvp.

auto-targeting tho, should be fixed.
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traps still beat con path ez tho

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