Trade Board Enhancements?

I am sure this topic has been covered over and over again but I would like to just throw it out there again.

At what point are we going to get some enhancements to the trade market on Xbox?

Why is it taking so long to implement simplistic search functions, such as stat range search options or more simplistic search functionality, that enables you to search for and more specifically only return the exact items you are looking for? As opposed to the current state where you have to nearly endlessly tab through pages and pages of items and try to fuzzy search for some stat you're looking for. This type of search functionality, while better than having absolutely nothing, completely deters people from searching for anything besides uniques or maybe the most simplistic rare items.

A range or parameter based type of filtering or search functionality is not overly challenging to implement and since it has been done via third-party websites for years now and even implemented on the POE website directly at this point, why has Xbox not received these types of enhancements to the trade market?

Thanks for the info in advance!
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PoE mod/dev response here would be awesome! Atleast some type of ETA or some sound reasoning for no changes.
Following post, I agree.
Bump for GGG mod/dev response.

Items are one of if not the main draw to PoE for a lot of people. There needs to be, sooner then later, numerous enhancements made to the trade market on Xbox.

The community has really grown on Xbox since release, so much so that I fully converted over to Xbox after years on PC. I know that there is a lot of work on your plate GGG, I get it, but quality of life improvements, such as those to the trade market, are the type of improvements that will keep players like myself continually coming back for more and continuing to support.

Once again, thank you for all you do in continuing this epic arpg and we all await more info!
Bump from me aswell, i really enjoy the game on Xbox, but the trade system is just so frustrating. I use the trade makret to buy 1-2 items per league and that's it (would love to use it a bit more often). I would play so much differently if i could find some items i really need in between for a reasonable price. Right now i feel like 99% solo self found.
You can type in for specifics you are looking for like maximum life and movement speed/ resistance etcetera all at the same time and it will highlight only items that have those on them. Before the search feature trading was impossible. Not anymore.
You can type in for specifics you are looking for like maximum life and movement speed/ resistance etcetera all at the same time and it will highlight only items that have those on them. Before the search feature trading was impossible. Not anymore.

Which is great, but you still have to go through numerous pages (sometimes into the hundreds) just to find the one item that is highlighted. If they could just make those items show up it could save a ton of time for everyone.
Hey peeps. Got a little feedback for you on this situation.

The Trade board has been our (The discord) #1 focus for Dev Time (Aside from crash fixes and performance issues etc.) since release. We haven't necessarily been told a timeline for anything coming out but I do have some insight as to why / what the hold up is.

The Xbox dev team has alluded to maybe working on some sort of API function. If this API function makes it into production, then any fixes or additions they have to the current Trade Board would be rendered probably useless, and perhaps be a waste of dev time.

In the event we do get an API, I expect everyone will be very pleased with how the search functions will work. There's been a lot of cool ideas floating around for a while, but all of them bank on a usable API. And I suspect the team is going to try and push the API project.

Now the thing you need to understand about the API, and probably why it may be taking so long is the Xbox dev team aren't necessarily in charge of whether or not it moves forward. It's a convoluted process involving many of the higher ups, and now I'm sure involving Tencent and Microsoft as well.

Having an API on an Xbox game isn't a new thing, a few games have it (Warframe for example), but Microsoft is SUPER strict on how an API is handled. So after all the red tape is taken care of, I'm hoping we get some more information on it.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks for the reply and info. Of this is infact the case, then that is great! For sure when dealing with APIs there is alot of red tape to go through, but if that could get setup and enable a whole new level of trading/market features, I'm all for it.

However, if that is a 6 month to 1 year project, a interim solution is for sure in order.
The API has been asked about since launch. So if it is a 6 month to a year project, that means it's probably super close to release (if they are actually doing it ;))

I'm hyped for the possibilities though.
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