(3.5) [Survived] The Intoxicated Pathfinder | Poison BV 2M+ Shaper DPS | Labrunner and Bosskiller |


I made this build during incursion league and started writing a guide for it.
Its been hiding in a notepad this whole time and seeing the coming changes for 3.4 i am very. VERY pleased. Everything coming in 3.4 with the poison changes, the new herald, new pathfinder changes, is a HUGE buff to this build, which is why im posting this now.
I will finish this up, but for anyone interested in a Poison based BV Pathfinder, this would get you started.

QUICK UPDATE 30-11-2018:
My anxiety started to act up again and i was feeling under the weather, i apologize for not finishing the guide in the time frame i had envisioned.
I have a few ideas with this build come 3.5 and i will update the guide on a "when i feel like it" day2day basis to avoid any external stressors after we receive the 3.5 patch notes. I will however, try and do this before the launch of Betrayal league.

Betrayal Progress Updates & Ideas
I will be league starting a similar build to this, but as another ascendancy. This build remains unchanged except for the Herald of Agony change, slight nerf on it's damage potential, its redundant though.

I will still keep an active ear on this build guide to help anyone who should find the urge to roll with this. It's a great league starter =D and has amazing scaling potential, as i wrote it's fun to upgrade, you really do feel a heavy impact as you progress in power level.

Delve Progress Updates:
Progress Update #1 in Delve League.
Currently still "leveling" with toxic rain with quill rain, turns out this tree and the gear choices are also optimal for toxic rain / caustic arrow scaling, who wouldve thought (lol)
As of current, this is an ongoing project and i will update whatever i accumulated last league for this guide soonTM as i have IRL stuff going on aswell.
Though, please tune in once in a while, ill be taking it slow with this. New league, currency is sparce atm.
Progress Update #2 in Delve League
Respecced out of Toxic Rain after hitting 70+ something.
14/15 Zana quest including red tier elder (RIP shaper though, im an idiot)
Currently level 91, delve progress around 180, can easily go further.
Got lucky with a +3 molten strike enchant which helped me get most of my gear.
Speaking of which:

Current Delve POB

Progress Update #3 Delve League
This build, is currently not entirely dedicated to running endgame labyrinth.
Come delve, i've tried to tweak this build into being capable of ALL content.

It's still possible to make this 100% dedicated for farming uber-lab and it IS still possible to get 400%+ movement speed, albeit not in the current state of my delve character.
Will add a POB for labrunners only.
Will also edit the guide to reflect said observations.

Progress Update #4 Delve League
Did my first try ever at a solo Pheonix kill, went better than expected, however at this current point in time of my character, i still have a long ways to go in regard to achieving the damage output as i advertised in the title.
I need more levels and more investments.
Rearranged some passive nodes to fit the herald of agony, in order to achieve this, i've had to make sure i have a good bunch of mana unreserved after reserving over 30% of my mana.
Currently sitting at something like 1m shaper dps.
I could've cut the pheonix fight shorter if i swopped for my 5l dendrobate, this was an overlook.

Progress Update #5 Delve League
It's been a good while since i last made an update here, i've been busy IRL and the time i've had to play the game, was spent... playing the game.
Since update #4 i've managed to:
- Complete my atlas, however i've reshaped it to run Elder Toxic Sewers (this map is hilarious with this build + perma phasing)
- Kill all four of shaper's guardians
- Kill Shaper multiple times.
- Kill Uber Elder. (I am inexperienced with this fight, so i had help after using up 2 portals, the damage is perfectly fine for this fight so i would say it's uber elder viable tbh, granted you're mechanically sound in the fight).
- Get further gear upgrades
- Get my 6 link Dendrobate (still need to 6l my QOTF)
- Swopped Tactician for a rare Stygian.

- Swopped rare gloves for Blasphemers Grasp with Despair on Hit. (implying i no longer run despair on blasphemy)

- Swopped Impresence for my uber elder amulet drop (this was 1/1000000 situation, extremely lucky)

All-in-all, this build is going beyond my expectations. I am having fun in every part of the game with this right now.
I've been slacking on the uberlab grind, and focusing more on bosskilling and delving.


Hi fellow Wraeclastians!

My name is Yunojelly and i like to make semi-weird builds.
Some of you may know me from the !Dirge command on Zizaran's streams or from my One-Second Mention of Fame in his video build-guide for his Dirge Warchief Berserker (RIP with ascendancy changes)

I won't take too much of your time, but before i jump into the gist of it, here's a little pre-cursor:

Let's swiftly reminisce back to 2.6 where I ran a poison based labrunner created by ItsMartini (link in spoiler) and i enjoyed every minute of it, ever since then it's been a stable for me to incorporate a dedicated uberlab farmer for every new league.
A few leagues later, Jelbishi made a similar BV labrunner build (link in spoiler) and of course i tried and loved that too. (Actually i've enjoyed all his dedicated labrunner builds, i highly recommend checking them out eventhough some of them might be outdated)
The astounding amount of movement speed these builds provided, made running lab such a breeze and i could never go back.

Links to above-mentioned builds for inspiration
ItsMartini's 2.6 poison labrunner:
Jelbishi's 3.1 Ele Crit BV labrunner:

Now, with that said;
Drawing inspiration from the former lab kings, i wanted to test out, and hopefully revive a poison based Blade Vortex character for 3.3.
I was sceptical, especially concidering the earlier poison nerfs that happened a while back together with the removal of double dipping, but it turned out better than i ever expected.

Which is why i now present to you:

The Intoxicated Labfinder | A Functional WIP

+ All map mods except for Less Recovery and phys reflect (For less recovery, use Obliteration wands, and for phys reflect, just caution on big mob packs, otherwise should be fine)
+ Dedicated Uber lab Variant for labrunners galore (can also easily carry big parties)
+ Potent Boss Killer
+ Amazing Delver / Darkness farmer
+ Poison based Blade Vortex
+ Mind over Matter (6k EHP)
+ 45k Evasion for QOTF hardcap
+ 400k - 1.6m Shaper DPS(up to 5M with obtainable endgame gear in 3.4)
+ Permanent Phasing (with haste watcher's eye)
+ Extremely high movement speed for a 3.3 build (Up to 449%)
+ Colors on QOTF are easy now
+ Cheap to start and function
+ Great league starter (can run lab on a 4l)
+ Feels amazing to upgrade
+ Easy leveling with Toxic Rain (Tree is very similar)

- Dedicated Endgame Labyrinth Runner (Chosing this affects the builds versatility, but for the sole purpose of labrunning, this is not a con)
- Poison Based Blade Vortex
- Can be expensive to min-max
- A core unique is an uber elder drop
- No leech unless min-maxed (WIP, Found a solution as showcased)
- Mobs doesn't die instantly due to the nature of poison stacking.
- No amazing shatter sounds, blade vortex has a poor sound design by itself.
(sounds like you're going ham with a plastic feather duster)

Explanation for Cons:
The reason why i put dedicated lab-runner as a con, is because mapping with this build feels sub-par until you reach a certain gear threshold.
This is due to the Blade Vortex + Poison interaction (will explain in the following section).

Mechanical build explanation and the implementation of the 3.3 Blade Vortex changes

As you may have heard and or noticed (it's very hard to these days), Blade Vortex got changed yet again for 3.3.
Blade Vortex Changes for 3.3

Now has 35% increased hit rate for each blade (up from 10%).
Now deals 35% more damage with hits and ailments for each blade (up from 30% for hits and 20% for ailments).
Now has 10% increased critical strike chance for each blade.
Now has a limit of 10 active spinning blades (down from 20).

The build revolves around applying a high number of poison stacks with Blade Vortex, whilst scaling the ailment damage and duration of said poisons.
To do this, we utilize the diamond flask "Coralito's Signature", which grants us the passive node "Perfect Agony" during flask effect.
This means that our flat hits with blade vortex becomes less powerful, however our poisons become exponentially more powerful every second in any given fight (which is great for Argus and Izaro).

The buff to the hit-rate per spinning blade made it great to scale an on-hit poison application, because we can now hit 7.5 times a second with 10 active blades.
This means that we only have to focus on duration modifiers in order to increase our maximum number of poison stacks. (Currently that number fluctuates around 40-47, which seems to be the sweet spot).
In addition to this, the reduction to the maximum number of blades, removed the need for spell echo / faster casting and thus created an opportunity for another damage modifier.
This unfortunately has a drawback. Scaling an on-hit poison application means for a sub par mapping experience, due to the fact that you NEED to stay face-to-face with a monster for a prolonged period of time, in order for the poison stacks to kick in.
This, together with the high amount of movement speed, makes it very hard to zoom-zoom through maps.
Albeit, at least until a certain gear threshold is reached. But it does unfortunately mean that a tier 1 map feels the same as running a tier 12.

POB Links and Build Potential (WIP, Additional Information coming)

There are alot of potential changes that can buff this build in either direction so im toying around with certain items to min-max full potential.
In the spoiler below are 2 pob links, one for a budget version and one with an achievable endgame goal.
Alternatively i will also link a Toxic Rain build which is what im currently leveling with, seeing as it's very strong right now.

For even better memes, switch out Queen of The Forest with Dendrobate (also in the item database), and switch out Poison gem with Swift Affliction in the Skills tab, you'll practically see double damage with little to no survival loss, except for movement speed of course.
For the tougher delves Dendrobate is by far the best contender.

In addition, here in delve league, some of the beastiary items are back in the pool, and with these (fenumus glove and helmet) whilst speccing out of MoM, we're looking at 5M+ shaper dps.

Budget level 90 POB (700k+ Shaper DPS with Obliteration Wands

Achievable Endgame level 100 tree(2M+ with Disintegrator Staff

Dedicated Labrunner Budget Dual Obliteration level 90 POB (431% MS and ~500k Shaper DPS)

Toxic Rain alternative 100k shaper dps (This is ALOT)
To Be Announced

Gear Section (Additional Information Coming)

Below is a list of my gear during incursion (3.3):

Video Section

5l QOTF Unid Corrupted Pheonix Kill (First Try, 2 stupid deaths)

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Build Guide To-Do list:

+ Add a proper gear section
+ Add a gem link section
+ Add a bandit section
+ Add variable ascendancy choices i.e Scion(Slayer/Trickster), Shadow(Trickster/Assassin) and explain why they are strong contendors to Pathfinder.
+ Add more videos
+ Fix POB links to reflect current Delve status.
+ Add End-Game goal POB link to those that are interested in seeing the maximum potential
+ Add an FAQ section
+ Add Enchants section
+ Add.... Add things.

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Hey, I'm looking at this. No real comment but I'm looking at this, it's interesting. ^_^
Kurionnakat wrote:
Hey, I'm looking at this. No real comment but I'm looking at this, it's interesting. ^_^

Haha this warms my heart, please look some more :P

I tried recording my first ever attempt at Minotaur and besides crashes and other recording mishaps, i was able to facetank it on my old incursion character.

The damage is definately here.
Howlong does izaro normally live per phase with the obliteration version ?
A lab run showcase would be nice.
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I love Jelbishi lab runner builds and how safe and fast they are. Watching his thread with interest! Would happily try it out for you
I've never really recorded any gameplay before, so that's a new venture for me but i am currently trying to delve into it so that i can feature some videos for you guys!
Any progress? How good is this build? Is there possible substitute for disintegrator
looks good. how is survivability? how is mana issues? is it really comfortable to play?

p.s. i just laugh this picture xD

p.p.s. use OBS for recording videos, i used it when recorded my 1st gameplay video, it wasnt hard.
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