[Synthesis SC] Boss Killing Service [Uber Elder, Shaper, FREE Cortex, Aul, Mastermind]

I'm online!
Thanks for the fast uber elder service
I'm online.
klorin2 wrote:

Welcome to my boss killing service thread. I guarantee you will get the boss kill or your fragments/chaos back! Uber Elders kills take around 4 minutes and are usually deathless.


Uber Elder - 50c or split 25% of loot
Aul - 50c
Synthesis Cortex Boss - 50c
Uber Atziri - 35c
Mastermind - 25c
Shaper - 25c
Chayula - 25c or split 25% of loot
Red Elder - 25c or split 25% of loot
Full Elder + Guardians - 50c or split 25% of loot
Other Delve bosses - 25c
Guardians - 10c (can't do no regen or ele reflect mods)
Anything else - 10c

If we decide to split loot, I either sell it for you as best as I can going by current market value and pay you 75% afterwards when it sells or we agree to an upfront market price and you pay me my share first then sell your loot for 75% profit after.

Please switch to Washington D.C. Realm before inviting me so that we can have a clean and fast kill.

If you liked my service, please vouch for me on this thread!

My account name is klorin2 and character name is Thicc_Synthesis.

Slayed UberElder for me. Thanks for the help in yet another league!
I'm available for carries!
Got a nice and quick uber elder carry no problems!

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