Herald of Agony MTX issue

My Herald MTX aren't working with Herald of Agony. Please fix.

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Last bumped on Sep 18, 2018, 12:42:14 PM
Or Purity.

I love my Herald MTXs but I can't use them with the new Herald skills. I want to try this new Herald skills and I would like to know if GGG is looking into this (fix old Herald MTXs to work with the new Herald skills) or are too busy with other "more important"(Herald MTXs are BIG deal for a lot of us) issues/bug fixing ATM or if you have any plans to fix it.

Sorry for bad English ;3
I always thought they simply have not made anything to work with it. Which bothers me a bit. Especially on automation harled of agony as they already HAVE an automation scorpion pet..couldn't they like up scale it or something.
I'd like to know if this will be fixed so that Gloom and Purple Herald MTX effects work with the new Purity and Agony Heralds. It shouldn't be too hard for them to achieve this update? I would not except it would effect the minions of course, but I'd like the character effect to be applicable.

Could someone from GGG comment on this perhaps?
I too would like to know the status of Herald MTX on new herald skills. I've got my eye on a couple MTX that are on sale, but I don't want to buy em if I can't use em.

any anwer from ggg?

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