Delve Looks Incredible

GGG's new content team is definitely throwing down some great stuff. Delve looks amazing. The new lighting looks amazing. The infinite content looks amazing.

Please show XBox users some love and give us the QOL features we so desperately need in order to enjoy the new content to its fullest.

There are four things that would improve this game immensely on XBox imho:

1) In Game Chat
2) Stash Tab Pricing
3) Customizable Loot Filter
4) Improved Trade Search (dont populate non results at all)

I'm sure others have solid opinions but these 4 things would solidify the XBox experience.

I have admittedly been displeased with the integration on XBox but their creative department comes through again!
Last bumped on Aug 10, 2018, 12:21:15 PM

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