lagging/rubber banding whenever i use a dash/mobility skill

the only skills I've seen this bug on from personal experience is whirling blades and leap slam because whenever i use these abilities there is a random chance that my character preforms the action correctly... or so it may seem until you either teleport back to your starting position or get killed because the game thinks your standing idle. anyways this problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible
Last bumped on Aug 12, 2018, 8:12:07 PM
Most movement skills have lead to desync since day one. Sometimes it feels like it's better for a while but I don't feel like it's ever not been a thing.
Ign: Cinch / Thumos / Headlong / Jauron
Gotta love shooting a blink arrow and seeing it land but it does absolutely nothing and you die.
Hey peeps, it's a me, rangerDanger.
Most movement skills have lead to desync since day one.

Yep, even on PC version still happen... GGG did make a fix 1 year ago for PC, I think but on xBox..... well I'll be happy if they make shield charge with target lock and leap slam without.

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