3.3 Chieftain Flicker Oro's + Abberath's Hooves - Flash Farm/Boss Killer

Build concept
I wanted a high health + armor endless flicker strike build that could do end game bosses and it made the most sense to go chieftain for said dreams. Damage isn't quite a million but I'm sure if you reference the other guides out there and swap in a unique or 2 you could probably reach it. I get to around 700k dps with this build, which is more than enough for doing end game content at a reasonable pace.

- High mobility
- Endless frenzy charges = endless flicker striker
- High health (8kish)
- Culling Strike
- Abberath's Hooves (Abberath's Fury)
- High Quality of life leveling
- Ignite Prolif
- Covered in Ash for free

- Flicker can be hard to use on some bosses (Atziri/Temple Boss/etc.)
- Semi-expensive
- Can't level as flicker efficiently
- No ele reflect maps/monsters avoid status ailments

T15 Carcass Map - https://youtu.be/9JhhDl-ERfg

PoB/Build Link

Level 100 - https://pastebin.com/wxwXqLAs

Level 90 - https://pastebin.com/wxwXqLAs(My current level/Setup)

Non POB tree lvl 100 - Link

Required/Optional Uniques

This is what let's us generate endless flicker charges, also not too expensive for a weapon that has 800+ DPS

Only 'mandatory' because that what this build is based on. Now before everyone get's mad I know abberath's fury doesn't work while flickering, but it doesn't change that the boots give us free ignite prolif, as well as damage anytime we need to reposition ourselves to avoid boss mechanics, and also just killing anything that managed to live through our flicker strikes. Also if you've never leveled with these boots I HIGHLY recommend it they are very fun and fast to level with.

I'm going to say this is mandatory too because otherwise 85% chance to hit is just not really great quality of life, however if you have chance to blind from link in boots/totem as well as
you can fairly easily maintain 100% chance to hit.

Optional Quality of Life Uniques

If you can't afford/don't use Kaom's Heart I recommend Loreweave and you can put your 5/6 link Ancestral Warchief totem in it.
If you don't want to use Devoto's you can also go with Hrimnor's Resolve It's a shame however that taking steps with Abberath's Fury does not proc the effects on this helmet otherwise it would be wonderful.

Current Gear

Swap Melee Splash gem with Ruthless for single target Bosses

Ascendancy/Build Logic

I found chieftain to be a solid choice for using this weapon as you have access to a lot of elemental/fire damage nodes from starting as a marauder by going up into templar/towards witch. You also have access to a ton of health nodes.

I take Blood Magic major node to manage the mana cost since you have endless flicker charges would be a shame if you couldn't keep up with the mana, not to mention the health nodes behind it are obscenely good, you end up reserving a bit of your health if you want the improved clear speed by using blasphemy flammability, but if you get all the health nodes you still end up with around 6-7k life unreserved.

I rushed towards Hinekora Death's Fury for the damage while leveling especially since you can't even wear Oro's till 67, however feel free to go the tanky route and get the other's first.


Very fun leveling, If you use Oni-Goroshi to level and just put an ancestral protector/warchief totem 6link setup in the weapon and random damage support gems in the boots.

I recommend wearing Cloak of Flame until you hit maps/can wear Kaom's Heart/Loreweave

If you have decent jewels already bought while leveling definitely skill up the jewel nodes you pass, however if you are on a budget, just focus on moving towards health/major damage nodes such as Elemental Overload, Holy Fire, Lava Lash.

I would not worry about picking up the Blood Magic major node until you are ready to start flicker striking, as your damage should be more than solid enough to clear main game content with just Ancestral Warchief and stomping around with Abberath's Hooves


Trash = Leap Slam -> Flicker Strike
Rare/Unique Mobs = Vaal Haste -> Totem -> Leap Slam -> Flicker

I like the quality of life that having ancestral warchief brings, it gives you damage as well as draws aggro from monsters. You can use it to outplay ranged mobs that want to group fire you when you walk in doors, it's mostly for bosses and and just to make life a bit easier. The boots don't do that much damage relative to flicker strike in the late game anyway so you don't sacrifice much to have it and you also get a lot more utility by running it.

Bosses I've killed

I've killed Atziri, Hydra, Chimera, Elder(t10) so far no videos though as they are not perfect runs since I'm fairly new to end game content. Previously used to play hardcore so haven't done much high tier mapping in the past.

If you're looking for clears of these bosses and more I suggest checking out one of the 1mil dps flicker strike builds that use Oro's as they have some very solid videos of how to kill bosses like Atziri with flicker strike.

I typically craft all my own builds using rough references to established guides. This is my first time posting a guide on the forums, please let me know what you think and let me know of any easy improvements that keep in line with the base ideas of this build. If I get decent recordings of more end game bosses I will upload them. Look forward to more from me maybe in the future, I'm going to be doing some Three Dragon's helmet builds in the flash back event probably.
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Really good build, ive always liked flicker strike builds, and this is the first one ive got to work!
I have exact same gear.
But really would like to know how do u get your damage so high?
keit0wn wrote:
Really good build, ive always liked flicker strike builds, and this is the first one ive got to work!
I have exact same gear.
But really would like to know how do u get your damage so high?

Im level 79, and this build already can clean maps easy and really fast.
Can you please post full ascension tree please. Thank you.

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