[3.4] Amigo's Elemental Hit Build -All content viable! (3+ mil Shaper DPS)

If you are using pob to check how good the unnatural instinct jewel is you should know it does not count the effects of might of the meek on those nodes.

The jewel really is the best thing you can put there for dmg and life and then you get more points on top of it.
What jewels Use i play HC?
Life fire dmg aps?
so if i do use the unnatural instinct those nodes that are then allocated by it will also get the might of the meek buffs?
Why not take phase acrobatics? That's a pretty strong source of defense.
Can you do deep delve mine?
If you are already using a bow swap for single target, why not just put a single target 6L ele hit gem setup there and replace frostferno with a rare helm with accuracy, life and resist?
What do you think of The Taming ring instead of a ass hit ring
Do you have any tree to achieve avatar of fire without xoph's blood? really want to try this build, already have every gear, any leveling tree would be massive help since I never level a scion before. Thanks
Elehit going strong even after the nerf, havent tried uber elder yet, but other shit feels pretty easy :)

Got lucky today and got +2 frostferno (only 6 bricks before that) and got pretty nice gear overall and pushing +2.5mil dps against shaper

Had +3 bow for clear but sold it away and rolling with chin sol only because dislike weapon swapping and clearing trash isnt a problem anyway.

Ty for the build mate :)

Gear in spoiler


Pob https://pastebin.com/vAY7KKZx
Ign HalpingHansu/Jevnigeff
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Hey, could u make version without xoph´s blood ? it would be nice and good for a lots of players. thanks

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