In this episode of Build of the Week we're showcasing another Juggernaut build that damages itself to cast spells, but uses Vaal Molten Shell to explode constantly. It then employs various clever mechanics to ignore damage, extend durations, and keep the rocket flying.

For more information about this build, check out Vesuvius079's build guide here. If you'd like to submit your build for the next episode, just post a build-guide in the class forum.
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Love Bex's ASMR voice
wow, such a nice build.
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Looks interesting
yea oops
This build misses its wife.

Who left it.

edit: Perfect username too. Ignore the rocket man memename-- this build is Vesuvius 79AD on legs.
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Interesting. Been a while since molten shell was viable.
@Bex: The build link in the youtube description is wrong.
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Completed 36 ChallengesaRTy42 wrote:
@Bex: The build link in the youtube description is wrong.

Thanks! We've fixed it up now.
Kewl :3

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