(3.3) [Baron Zombie,Flame Golems,TVs] Tanky Necromancer [Shaper & Guardians Down]

Hello everyone, this is my first ever guide. I thought I would share this guide for fellow pet necromancer builds. I for one love pet builds. I finally found one that suits my play style. I used to play a lot of glass cannon damage builds, but they often die easily when doing maps with multiple damage mods, which can be frustrating at times.

This build is meant for smooth high end mapping and farming, including Shaper, Elder and Guardians. My own personal ratings:

Survivability - 8
Minion Tankiness - 10
Clear Speed - 8
Single Target: 8
Ease of play: 9
Price: 5
Fun: 9
Overall: 8.14

Pros and Cons


You will like this build if you like (the pros):

Good league starter (5-link zombies will carry you to T12 red maps)
Cheap to start, safe to play but expensive to min-max
Passive and laid back style (become a loot collector)
Does all end game content well and at a good speed(Shaper, Elder, Guardians, Uber Lab)
You like tanky minions
Excellent life leech sustain with Baron (more survivability)
Do red maps comfortably and sustain them (excellent way for income if you like to map)
Do good damage; melts bosses and monster packs
No need to swap any gems for boss
Do all map mods (save currency in the long run)
Diverse damage from physical (Zombies) and fire (Flame Golem and Tukohama Vanguard) sources so you aren’t handicapped to 1 damage type + covers both physical and elemental reflect
7-8k hp at level 96, really depends on how much damage you want to sacrifice for health

Now to (the cons):

You can only go as fast as your minions kill
Min-max can be expensive
Vorici quests are a pain to do (your minions kill everything too quickly)
Not the fastest speed clear compared to glass cannon pew pew builds
Can’t facetank everything
Zombie AI can be wonky sometimes in narrow corridors
Socket heavy build (even both rings require a socket!)
Jack of all trades, master of none

Character Build (StockInc is the character)


Path of Building Pastebin URL: https://pastebin.com/f3jxYaVg

Items: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Stockgenius/characters?characterName=StockInc

Skill Tree @96: https://goo.gl/FU6TBm

This is a strength based build (1000 strength required), so you will be pathing to the marauder side to get early life and minion nodes.

Pantheon -> Soul of Solaris, Soul of Shakiri

Bandits -> Destroy all.

Ascendency -> Commander of Darkness, Invoker, Flesh Binder, Spell Weaver



Incursion 3.3

Chimera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGzoREkB_dk
Hydra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ot7VLFvPNtU
Minotaur: https://youtu.be/vzKPZO4m7IA (No Flame Golems)
Phoenix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Emkz_Wfwh7A
Shaper: https://youtu.be/1c4USPoGLCs
Elder and Guardians: Pending
Uber Elder: Pending
Uber Atziri: Pending




The key around this build is the baron helmet. Gives you life steal after 1000 strength. Excellent sustain, allowing you to tank more than a regular necromancer build. The enchantment is not necessary and only speeds up clear speed by just a bit. A regular one will do. The best enchantment would be Zombie Damage +40%, but that is a rare one, especially in a temporary league.

This sweet scepter makes your zombies big, giving them extra health, fire explosion damage and all around tankiness. Currently my 6 big zombies have 52k health. This allows them to tank 98% of the game's stuff. The few things they cannot tank are Uber Atziri flameblast and Uber Elder degen.

Rest of the items...

Incursion Scepter (One Handed Scepter)

One of the best scepters in the league. This beats the Chimera claw and is a great boost to your minion damage. Try to get 1 with strength roll. I am lucky to find mine in the temple. Use a shield if you cannot get your hands on one.

Belly of the Beast (Body)

If you are starting, get the 5 link version and you won't have empower, meaning your zombies have slightly less health and damage.

Rare Gloves

This is the slot to get your resistances. Try to get high life roll, resistance and more than 40+ strength roll.


We will be using the Cyclopean belt for ignite immunity and increased attributes. But during early league, you will be using Alberon's Warpath for increased strength. You will then want to use a rare belt in this slot. A rare stygian vise with high resist and life is the best option, but it will be pricey.


Bones of Ullr is a good boots for the extra spectre. However, if early on you lack resists, then just drop the boots for a pair of rare boots instead.


Astramentis for more stats. I got a perfect one since I invested. But you can get a lower one for way cheaper. The unset rings are the hard ones to find. Look for strength, life and resists!


2x Efficient Training
1x Violent Dead
1x Anima Stone
2x Primordial Harmony Stone
1x Primordial Might Stone

The corrupted versions are only luxury and I only suggest getting them after you have 6-linked your armor and upgraded all your gems.

Watcher's eye isn't necessary but it is a bonus. You can slot in another Violent Dead for more zombie damage!


All your flasks are concentrated on defense. You have plenty of offense and damage from minions. :)
While flasks are not necessary, it will make you tanky. If not, you will just play like a regular summoner, staying back instead of running into a pack of mobs.

Hybrid Flask for hp/mana recovery, with bleeding and +max charge

Jade Flask for evasion, with increased duration and increased movement speed.

Quartz Flask for phase, then immune to freeze and increased duration.

Granite Flask for armor, then increased armor and duration.

Stibnite Flask for blind, with curse immunity and +max charge.

All flasks up will give you about 50% physical damage reduction, 40% evasion, 10% chance each to evade physical and spell hits.

Gem Setup



Zombies (Body -> 3 Blue 3 Red)
Links -> Raise Zombie, Minion Speed, Minion Life or Minion Damage, Empower+3, Fortify, Multi-strike

Flame Golems (Helmet -> 2 Red 1 Green 1 Blue)

Links ->(Summon Flame Golem, Empower +3, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Spell Echo)

Spectres (Boots -> 1 Green 1 Red 2 Blue)

Tukohama Vanguards Links -> (Summon Spectre, Swift Affliction, Burning Damage, Minion and Totem Element Resistance)
Solar Guards Links -> (Summon Spectre, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Iron Will, Spell Echo)

To get your best Tukohama spectres (level 84), try to get into Shaper's realm and use desecrate there.

For Solar Guards, you can get them from Act 6 Solaris Concourse. You will then want to go to the highest possible map to get higher level ones.

To further reduce fire resistance of enemies with Elemental Equilibrium, Arc goes into the weapon or shield. Tukohama Vanguards are for bosses and Solar Guards are better for map clear. Use the ones that suits you best.

Defense and Misc:

Immortal Call (Gloves -> 2 Red)

Links -> (Cast When Damage Taken, Immortal Call)

Lightning Warp (Gloves -> 1 Red 1 Blue)

Links -> (Less Duration, Lightning Warp)

Purity of Elements/Convocation and Haste -> Goes into unset rings. (1 Green, 1 Blue)

Desecrate and Animate Guardian -> Goes into weapon. Pair it with Minion Life. (1 Red 1 Blue 1 Green)

Here are the following items I used for my Animate Guardian:

This gives some offense and defense for you animate guardian and minions. Singularity for slow on fast bosses like Wolf Boss from Lair and Dark Forest Map. Springleaf, Ambu's Charge and Meginoid's for life regen. Victario's Flight for 10% bonus movespeed. Leercast for some bonus damage to your minions.

The only time I take my Animate Guardian off is against Uber Elder and Uber Atziri. He might die there if you are not careful due to degen or flameblast.



If you have just started league, use Summon Raging Spirits (SRS).

You can also use Tabula Rasa if you are rich. I started on the first day, so there is no comfort leveling items for me. From 1-42, use a combination of SRS and zombies. The leveling will be a bit painful until you get to level 42. At that point, you can buy 2 Clay Shapers and use flame golem setup all the way to level 70! A 4 link flame golem setup is -> Flame Golem, Iron Will or Controlled Destruction, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Spell Echo).

You can find clayshaper on PoE Trade for very cheap: http://poe.trade/search/momasitaseukor

Your priority will be to get a 5-link belly of the beast body chest, or you can try and get a cheap 6 link body that isn't a unique via PoE trade below:


Budget Build Version


I have invested in this build and have sinked in 20ex on it because I love it. However, I will give you the budget version under 100c. It will get you to Shaper but you just have less health.

Mon'treguls Grasp 1c- http://poe.trade/search/uihorikuhazure
Shield 1c - http://poe.trade/search/hidaduturirina
Baron Helmet 1c - http://poe.trade/search/ayeyazaitoahus
Astramentis ~15c - http://poe.trade/search/anonakitadomiz
Body Armor 6 Link ~35c - http://poe.trade/search/oomadooutoduru
Belly 5 link ~25c - http://poe.trade/search/aihomgorumkuro
Bones of Ullr 1c - http://poe.trade/search/ikobomasonitan
Rare Gloves - http://poe.trade/search/itorehamayurik
Rare Boots - http://poe.trade/search/iyabonimonorid
Rare Belt - http://poe.trade/search/hohihuhetanoah
Efficient Training Jewel 1c - http://poe.trade/search/akinoomozunazo
Violent Dead Jewel 1c - http://poe.trade/search/ihigarininiwah

Golem Jewels flunctuate, but this season (3.3) it is cheaper than the previous ones!

The Anima Stone - http://poe.trade/search/buritemoyadoki
Primordial Harmony x2 - http://poe.trade/search/ibonomaritetom
Primordial Might - http://poe.trade/search/ahiasarugitino

Hardcore Viable?


Yes, but I am not a big fan of Hardcore due to my laggy connection. But switching these items would give you 10-11k eHP. You will lose a spectre as well. Play carefully and you will be tanky and hard to die.


Let me know if you have additional questions. Cheers!
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Reserved for additional use later on!
I was playing Zombies+Skell+Stone Golem but hardstuck on low hp/resist. Came here because your rare items recommendation (I'm new on this game) and now I can finally play, but I saw your build and ideas, so I spent a lot of Chaos+Regrets to buy new items and rebuild the tree.

Now I'm playing your build (without Arc, really don't enjoy it) and feels so comfortable on around T7 maps, with 700 strength (going for 1000) and 4300HP at 81.

My only question is, how do you deal with minions movement? It feels so clunky to play without the random skeleton spawn.
You will want minion movement speed on your zombies. 20/20 zombie gem is also recommended.

If you feel its still clunky for you, then you will want to use jewels that increase minion movement speed or rings that have +20-30% increase minion movement speed.

Ideally 100% increased minion movement speed on zombies will be more than enough.

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