Dynamicduffy's EleHit Ranger

Hey everyone Dynamicduffy here with my first ever PoE build so i hope you enjoy.

So what is this build? Well this is a Elemental hit Ranger build that makes it so you only deal Fire damage.

I have played this build for some time now in the Incursion league and i really do enjoy it alot feel free to look my character up :Duffy_pew_pew https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/thedynamicduffy/characters

So lets start is this build easy? Yes it is

Can i start a new league with this build? Yes

Is this build cheap to run? Yes & No

Does this build require any specific unique items? Yes & No

Can i map/endgame boss with this? Yes

Can you run Ele reflect maps? No you will just die!

Can you do bosses that reflect such as Atziri? Yes with a unique ring and the pantheon powers yes

So with those few questions out the way lets move forward

Firstly leveling i would simply level this build as a normal bow build either with tornado shot or lightning arrow you may need to respec points before mapping but that is something easily done.

If you wish to level as Ele hit then feel free it can work very nicely aswell.

So lets move on to some Skill tree leveling layouts.

Now these do not need to be followed 100% its just a rough guideline.

Bandits: Help Aliria Manaregen and resists are great.

Level 30 Passives (with these choose either start with Projectile Damage nodes towards Ballistic Mastery for more early Damage Or Start evasion & life & go towards Finesse either works fine just depends how comfortable you are with bow builds https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.1/AAAABAIAAABeBbUILhGBGY4j9jB8TZJRR1b6Y6d9dX8rjX2Nv5smm42n1LvjxKLTft1G6Nbtg-4O73r-uv7I

Level 50 Passives https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.1/AAAABAICAABeBbUF-QguDkgRLxGBFr8ZjiP2JpUqCysKMHw2PUp9TZJRR1PPVUtW-l3yYRBh4mHrYqxjp2egaU5sjHBSd9d4-XpTfXV-3X8rh3aJ04w2jX2NuY2_myabjZ2qp9S0xbvjwuzEos96037dRuOf6NbrY-2D7g7vevK4_W7-uv7I

Level 70 Passives First off you think why the Hell is this Guy getting avatar of fire on a ranger so much wasted travelling on the tree and yes your right but until you get/afford a Xoph's Heart and ungrade it we kind of need it alot Once you have the item feel free to respec that point somewere else. Ok here is where you might need to pick up some extra Strength nodes if you have or plan on getting a Khaom's Heart for extra life and damage later on this is optional but does really help. As for the Jewel Node this is where we will socket out First Combat focus it wont trigger the hits cant choose lightning untill you grab both +10 dex node either side of the Jewel. https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.1/AAAABAICAABeBAcFtQguDkgRLxGBEZYUdRVDFr8Zjh0UI_YmlSoLKo0rCi0fMHw2PTbYN9Q6WEkbSn1Ms02SUUdTz1VLVcZW-l3yYRBh4mHrYqxjp2egaU5sjHBSd9d4-XpTfXV-3X8rf8aD24d2idOMNo19jbmNv49GlSCbJpuNm6GdqqKjpMKn1KyYr420xbvjwfPC7MSiz17PetAf037UI91G45_o1utj7FXtP-2D7g7veu_r8WzyuPfX_W7-uv7I

Level 90 Passives This is where you can choose from some options

1st option https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.1/AAAABAICAABeAdEEBwW1BfkHHgguDkgRLxGBEZYT2hR1FUMWbxa_GY4dFCF2I_YkqiaVKgsqjSsKLR8wcTB8Mfo2PTbYNuk31DnUOkI6WEkbSVFKfUt4TLNNklFHU89VS1XGVvpbr13yYRBh4mHrYqxjp2egaU5sjHBSdvd313j5elN9dX7dfyt_xoPbhs6HdonTjDaNfY25jb-PRpUglS6bJpuNm6GdqqCfoqOkwqfUrJivja_rsQG0xbvjwTPB88LsxKLI3M9ez3rQH9N-1CPWit1G3ajjauOf6NbrY-xV7T_tg-4O73rv6_DV8WzyuPfX-tL9bv66_sg=

2nd Option Grabbing a Extra jewel slot https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.1/AAAABAICAABeBAcFtQceCC4OSBEvEYERlhPaFHUVQxZvFr8Zjh0UHxgj9iSqJpUnqSoLKo0rCi0fMHEwfDH6Nj022DbpN9Q51DpCOlhJG0lRSn1LeEyzTZJRR1H7U89VS1XGVvpbr13yYRBh4mHrYqxjp2egaU5sjHBSdvd313j5elN9dX7dfyt_xoPbh3aJ04w2jX2NuY2_j0aVIJUulcybJpuNm6GdqqCfoqOkwqfUrJivjbEBtMW748HzwuzEosjczRbPXs960B_TftQj1ordRt2o42rjn-jW62PsVe0_7YPuDu967-vw1fFs8rj31_rS_W7-uv7I

Final tree Now this is my final tree i understand its not perfect but i like it so please feel free to use or change it how you want it Now i go for damage an extra jewel near Avatar of fire and below at Point blank just my preference i also need to pick up 2 +30 strength nodes as my gear doesn't provide much strength. You can grab some extra life or resists if you wish if your feeling to squishy. https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.1/AAAABAICAABeBAcFtQceCC4OSBEvEYERlhJpE9oUdRVDFm8WvxccGGUZjhqBHRQfGCGwI_YkqiaVJ6kqCyqNKwotHy6UMHEwfDT3Nj022DbpN9Q6QjpYSRtJUUp9S3hMs02SUUdRdFH7U89VS1XGVvpd8mEQYeJh62KsY6dnoGlObIxwUnF5d9d4-XpTfXV-3X8rf8aD24d2idOMNo19jbmNv49GlSCVLpXMl4WbJpuNm6GcxJ2qoqOkwqaZp9SsmK-NsQG0xbciu-PB88LsxKLI3M0WzerPXs960B_TftQj1ordRt2o42rjn-Xm6NbrY-xV7T_tg-4O73rv6_DV8WzyuPfX-tL9bv66_sg=

Ascendancy:Now here is where i will prob get the most hate i think Why deadeye why why why......ill tell you why I prefer Deadeye over anything else i enjoy gathering winds for that extra move speed and extra evasion. But why not Raider then for more ele damage and attack speed you may ask well if you want you can grab Raider instead its preference at this point. So let talk about point allocation

Deadeye: Normal lab: First i take Either Gathering Winds if feel squishy or have had bad gear drops. If i am confident with my gear i take Powerful Precision.

Cruel lab: This is where i take either Gathering winds or powerful precision which ever one i chose not to take in normal lab simple

Merc lab: This time around i take Fast and deadly for the attack speed Projectile damage Accuracy and the Blink arrow cooldown.

UBER Lab: No this is where we respec I take points out of Powerful Precision So i can grab both Far Shot & Ricochet Again that is preference.

Raider: Normal Lab:I would start with Way of the Poacher

Cruel Lab: Grab Quartz Infusion How ever this is where you need to change a gem in you setup to include Onslaught.

Merc Lab: Grab Avatar of the Slaughter

Uber Lab: finally pick up Avatar of the veil

Pantheon:Its prefrence unless running Atziri personal i use Soul of Solaris for my major and for my minor i use Soul of Abberath unless fighting Atziri then i swap my minor to Soul of Yugul

Right now lets look at gear

Helm: There are a few options here Light poacher, Devoto's Devotion But personally i prefer Starkonja's Head for the bonus Life it gives

This is my current helm
Note: the colors of the sockets are not set in stone its just what i had left to play around with. As for helm enchant try for Ele hit attack speed or Ele hit damage i got luck and got the +40% damage after 4 Uber lab runs.

Chest: Now this is where it can get different I am currently using a
not the best rolls but it does the trick in order to use this i have had to pick up additional strength nodes on the tree to make this work.

How ever if you can not afford a Khaom's Heart then any rare chest with Good Life and Resists can really help if you do go for a rare chest look for these color sockets 3 green 2 red 1 blue these are the colors that will be used for out main skill setup.

Gloves: Here we want any decent Rare gloves that give life and or resists if you do have a Khaom's heart look for strength.

My current gloves:
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