This week we're embracing community memes by showcasing SHEPUUURD's Spellicopter build that takes advantage of a combination of interesting mechanics and unique item quirks. Don't miss this episode if you've ever wanted to be an attack helicopter in Path of Exile!

By the way, the ability to weapon-swap this quickly will be addressed in 3.4.0, so that builds like this are rate-limited to a speed that doesn't cause issues.

For more information about this build, check out SHEPUUURD's build guide here. If you'd like to submit your build for the next episode, just post a build-guide in the class forum.
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Nice spoiler on twitter Bex :D
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Or how to destroy your mouse, your computer, and your map portals due to disconnections.

Mmmm I think I'll pass on this one, very clever though !
wow thats a unique build :O
What...did I just witness?? Next thing we know that all the servers go down in flames...why? a swarm of attack helicopters... should have had logitech sponsor this video >:D
Great job GGG. What happened to enforcing your own rules huh?
Last edited by Aggnog on Jul 11, 2018, 7:34:04 PM
That was a work of art. My life is better having watched that.
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