We've just introduced the Pestilence Character Effect which encircles your character with a green and black aura that releases phantom skulls. Check out the video below or get yours here.

This effect matches the Pestilence Weapon Effect that was released yesterday, and it is a nice final touch to many outfits. For example, the character below is wearing the Pestilence Character Effect with the Verdant Armour Set, Skull Hood, Green Hooded Cloak and the Serpent Egg Wand imbued with the Pestilence Weapon Effect.

Thank you so much for your support!
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new bow mtx please.
dagger mtx/mace mtx please
eagor wrote:
new bow mtx please.

Seconded. With almost every league having a huge influx of bow builds, it would be the right move. I just hope it would be something distinct but still goes well with the PoE theme.
Seems poison builds can dress up thematically from now on. Dank!
Swirly effects need to be a bit further out imo.
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First page HYPE! Get all the green out of your system so we can have more blue/purple/rainbow :)
Completed 6 ChallengesSarno wrote:
Swirly effects need to be a bit further out imo.

Upon viewing, I concur, the bands are too close to the body, but who plays zoomed in enough or slow enough for this to be noticed? And thus, be worth TencentGGG taking the time to adjust?

Pestilence Herald Effect in 3..2..1...
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3.5 is my favourite iteration of PoE, ever.
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WTB automaton herald effect out of boxes 30$ thanks.
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