Locking - Gear Slots, Tabs and Corpses

Not sure if anyone has suggested this, but it would be a great QOL for console players.

1. It would be great to lock tabs if you don't want to accidentally reorg them, which happens quite often.

2. Locking item slots, so you don't accidentally swap out gear. Playing as a summoner, it sucks to accidentally swap out your item esp if it has spectres in it just to lose them and having to summon them back.

3. Corpse targeting/Locking is buggy too, about 1/3 of the corpse targeted ends up being another target instead.

And other than the limited ability to search, filter and price items, great game! Even though PC trading is leaps and bounds better than Xbox version. Playing on a controller feels great and doesn't make your fingers twitch and feel like they are going to fall off.
Last bumped on Jul 12, 2018 3:33:24 PM
To expand on your item locking concept, lock all equipped items while at a vendor. Can't count how many times the cursor has jumped to my equipped items while going through my stuff to vendor. This problem has been around since beta.
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Item locking sounds good.

Because I'm especially paranoid.
Xbox is GGG's neglected step-child.
Oh please yes..
I just messed up for the 3rd time!
Was crafting an additional arrow quiver an d after crafting for a while i started wondering.. i have used 2-300 alts without seeing one single additional arrow mod.
Then i noticed the quiver on my cursor does not have stars on the background.
Somewhere along the way i had swapped my main quiver to the one i was crafting and completely ruined it and wasted atleast 200 alts.


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