We're continuing to showcase entries from our current Fan Art Competition. Click here if you'd like to check out highlights from last week. Today's news post includes several pictures and a physical model of a weapon! We've reached the halfway point of our competition, which means that you have only two weeks left to submit your fan art!

Lunaris and Solaris by Kardalak_IX

Necromancer by valar_morghulis_valar_dohaeris

Fan Art by Snorkle_uk

Alva by Kishimo

The Scourge by Arterton

Fan Art by Penny_a

The Brain Rattler model by Shrubsy

By the way, earlier today we deployed Patch 3.3.1 with two new types of Incursion rooms and plenty of other changes. Click here to read more about this patch.
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Played this game since 2013, 0/159 atlas completion, no hideout and 0 leveled masters in scrubcore.

Hardcore only.
Some great artwork here. I especially like the piece by Snorkle_uk - Fantastic!
PoE Origins - Piety's story http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2081910
Lunaris and Solaris by Kardalak_IX top in my opinion.

Necromancer by valar_morghulis_valar_dohaeris runner up. I wish it was an Occultist.

Great artwork by everyone!
@Shrubsy Next time add a kilt to your cosplay for added realism. Marauder's don't wear pants. :-p
Very nice! GL to all
Wonder who will win this this time :o
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