We're happy to start Season Nine of Build of the Week with a critical strike based Saboteur build that makes use of skills that were rebalanced in Content Update 3.3.0. Both Arc and the Trap Support gem were reworked, and this build combines their power to clear rooms of monsters quickly and safely. It also uses the new Lightning Spire trap to rapidly destroy high-life enemies and bosses.

For more information about this build, check out KittenCatNoodle's build guide here. You can also follow her on Twitter and Twitch! If you'd like to submit your build for the next episode, just post a build-guide in the class forum.

By the way, we've introduced a new Build of the Week forum badge to honour players who have had their builds selected for the series! We're happy to announce that KittenCatNoodle will be the first player to receive this. In the coming days, we'll be adding badges to the accounts of all past Build of the Week.

When we were checking for accounts there were a few people whose account names have changed and we weren't able to find them. If you were featured in Build of the Week in the past and don't receive a badge, just message us to let us know!
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Nice, but still weaker version of the Meta trapper.
*It is arc trap though, so still OP. Being on build of the week either means they are going to leave arc the way it is or destroy it.
(I am on my 3rd arc char this league, its to much fun lol)
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Meta trapper being dual shimmerons?

Also, playing this build on xbox, it's been an absolute blast, but bear trap is a MUST because some bosses move way too much!

Also, Eldritch Battery + ZO + Stone Golem makes mana a non-issue!
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Way to go Noodle!! Great build by a fantastic POE supporter and positive community streamer!! GZGZ!!
noodHype noodHype noodHype Gratz to the Nodle for getting featured in BotW noodHype noodHype noodHype
Oh no! I've been so tied up with work. I guess this means BOTW submissions have been wrapped? :<
4 Offcolour Starkonja , "easy to acquire" lol
Dont think vorici does bro deals .
Something getting nerfed...
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Why is the most common meta build this league a "build of the week"?

How incredibly lazy, seriously. Woooooow arc traps nobody has seen that!

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