[3.4 HC] Orion's 3 Totem Ele-Hit (includes non-conversion variation for 3.4)

NOTE: The original version of this build was heavily nerfed in 3.4. I created a 3.4 non-conversion variation that turned out very well. Capable of all the same content, slightly -higher- overall dps due to changes in the 3.4 tree, MUCH cheaper since we don't use combat focus or frostferno, and significantly safer since it makes use of chill and freeze. I do not have the energy for a full new write up, but a few videos can be found below and the gear and tree can be found on page 4 of the comments.


I almost didn't write this one up. This is far and away the strongest build I have ever collaborated on. And I admit that there has been a certain amount of fun this past few weeks just abusing the hell out of it. But at the end of the day, I would rather share and give some of you a chance to enjoy it too. So, for your entertainment, here we go.

What is the Build? (TLDR)

Ascendant with 3 Ranged attack totems takes advantage of Ele Hit related Damage conversion mechanics (and a few other bits and pieces) to achieve 100-200k dps per totem Takes advantage of two overlapping might of the meek jewels, Kaom's heart, and blood magic to achieve a 9k+ pure life pool with up to 700+/sec base life regen. Uses Chieftain and Slayer ascendancies to achieve a totem based life leech that does not cease at full life. Total effect is a more or less continuous life recovery in the range of 2500 life/sec with clear speed damage sufficient to comfortably handle Chayula's breech and single target dps sufficient to handle endgame content.


I will continue to upload video as I have time.

1. Ele Hit totems vs. Shaper https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHOvhq2uI68

2. Ele Hit totems vs. Red elder https://youtu.be/iyM_IZYoP8M

3. Ele Hit totems vs. Chayula https://youtu.be/TbHSst399ws

3. Ele Hit totems vs. T16 Chimera https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxXJNx6i3Fs&feature=youtu.be

4. Ele Hit totems vs. T14 Crimson Temple https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lfyy1oauK90&feature=youtu.be

5. Ele Hit totems vs. Uber Elder (in standard, not deathless--3rd attempt ever, needs more practice) https://youtu.be/Vg7874Vboas

6. 3.4 Delve hc no-conversion version vs. Kurgal the Blackblooded https://youtu.be/E_ksWIuFHvo

7. 3.4 Delve post-death in Standard Atziri Walk over https://youtu.be/mxujVJBDdkc

8. 3.4 Delve post-death in Standard vs. Uber Atziri https://youtu.be/DdEdGOHcHhw

9. 3.4 Delve post-death in standard vs. 2 Damage mods Hydra + Bonus lvl 84 Abyssal Depths https://youtu.be/fmlI7fCW5O8

How does it work (Mechanics)

Ele Hit does all three types of elemental damage each time it hits, but uses only one type at a time, alternating between them. That may seem confusing at first, so here is an example: Let's say your EH gem does 100 fire/100 cold/100 lightning. All three damage types "happen" but only one gets processed each hit. So you might swing and do 100 fire, then 100 cold, then 100 lightning.

BUT, let's say you convert 50% of your cold to fire, via a cold to fire gem. Then when fire is chosen, you will swing for 150, when cold you will swing for 50, when lightning you swing for 100.

There are also 3 variations of a unique jewel called "Combat Focus" that prevent Ele hit from choosing one element each. In the above example, let's say you socket the jewel preventing cold damage. Now you will alternate swinging for 150 fire, then 100 lightning, then back to fire. If you also socket the jewel preventing lightning damage, you will just swing for 150 fire every time.

Now lets say you then convert 40% of the lightning damage to cold via call of the brotherhood (50% of which then gets converted to fire with that cold to fire gem) Now you are swinging for 170 per hit.

Now take avatar of fire, which converts 50% of -all- damage to fire. You are now swinging for 290 fire damage per hit. This conversion process is the core offensive mechanic of the build.

We get there using the Frostferno helm, which provides better than a 6-link, with its built in lvl 30 cold to fire and level 5 empower (since ele hit is a fire, cold, and lightning gem, frostferno gives it +4 gem levels)linking ele hit, RAT, combustion, and pierce (or ele dam with attacks if using another pierce source). To get 3 arrows per totem, we use the rain of splinters unique jewel.

Add to this 100% increased pre-conversion lightning damage with APS of up to 1.95 from the Tempest Bow, 3 frenzy charges, -20% enemy fire res from combustion with a 100% ignite chance, 13% fire pen on the tree, 15% fire pen from a wise oak flask, Curse on hit flammability for another 44% fire res reduction, pierce, cull from the slayer ascendancy, covered in ash (20% more fire damage taken) from the chieftain ascendancy, 3 totems courtesy of the skirmish quiver and ancestral bond, and you have the best totem offense I have been able to put together with relatively little investment in damage on the tree.

There are several key defensive pieces to this build: Not all are in place while leveling, but they combine to truly awesome effect when the build is complete.

1. Decoy totem: Our damage is sufficient that for any even moderately dangerous situation, we can throw down a decoy totem with two offensive totems, replenishing as necessary for excellent safety. That said, I use a decoy totem infrequently post-merc ascendancy because the other defensive mechanics are usually sufficient.

2. Just to the left and below the scion wheel, we use a pair of might of the meek jewels. These overlap in a way that brings dramatic value to a number of nearby important nodes, providing significant increases in life, elemental res, movement speed, attack speed, and totem placement/duration.

3. Because our helm provides a 6-link plus, we are free to wear Kaom's Heart for 500 bonus life with armor (and extra fire damage).

4. Because we require relatively few nodes for damage, we are able to get a massive life pool, totalling over 9k life on my current character at lvl 94.

5. Regen on tree and a stone golem gives us a base flow of up to 700+ life/second.

6. We have totem based leech from the chieftain ascendancy that does not stop when we are at full health due to the slayer ascendancy. Without getting deeply into leech mechanics, which are complex and explained in detail by others elsewhere, the net result is that so long as we keep our totems up, we have a virtually constant flow of life recovery at a rate of around 2500 life/second at build completion.

7. We use two Forbidden taste flasks, which provide us an instant heal of our entire life pool with two charges each.

Gem Links:

Helm (4L): RAT>Ele Hit> Combustion>Pierce/Elemental Damage with Attacks*
Gloves (3L+1): CWDT lvl 3>Immortal Call lvl 5>Temp Chains lvl 7 + Decoy totem
Boots: (3L+1: Blink Arrow>Faster Attacks>Stone Golem + Phase Run
Bow (5L): Frenzy>Curse on hit>Flammability>GMP>Pierce

*It is advisable to swap elemental damage with attacks in for pierce once you can use an alternate source of pierce. As a practical matter, this can take the form of a poacher's aim jewel or a horned talisman. This will increase your overall damage around 20%. Even the single pierced target you get from poacher's aim is sufficient for this build to feel good clearing maps. I did try the build with no pierce at all and can't really recommend that, as it does not feel nearly as smooth when clearing.


This is a matter of taste. I use Lunaris and Gruthkul generally, switching to Ralakesh for Lab. I note particularly that getting the soul from Lair to make yourself immune to chained projectiles is very helpful for late game mapping.

Key Uniques

Note, that you usually won't have all of these when you start and you do not need them all to make the build work while leveling. But each item will improve things as you go along.

Other Gear at 95

Ring Swap for chayula Runs:

Leveling gear recommendations and substitutions:
You can do without call of the brotherhood until you can afford it. Use a cold to fire gem in place of pierce until you have your frostferno-heatshiver is fine for leveling. Start with a storm cloud until you can afford Tempest. Use any high life chest (links dont matter) until you can afford a kaom's, Might of the meek jewels are a late game addition once you can afford them. Skirmish is pretty cheap. Don't forget to balance your resists for maximum effectiveness of the wise oak.

Links to tree at level 95

Leveling Advice:

1-30: Begin down projectile damage to sentinel, then up through the life wheel directly to Ancestral bond. When you take ancestral bond, also grab a one point jewel socket and slot rain of splinters. Leveling can be anything--Split arrow or burning arrow seem to work well. Once you get ancestral bond and rain of splinters you will be using RAT-ele hit. Proceed from there to Avatar of Fire, but don't take it yet. Grab the other two jewel sockets on the way, but don't slot anything there until you are ready to take avatar of fire. On the same turn you take avatar of fire, slot the two combat focus jewels and put on your call of the brotherhood, if you have it.

31-60: Proceed directly to blood magic and totemic zeal, grabbing sufficient life nodes/totem nodes to keep yourself comfortable along the way. This is something you will need to do by feel. Try to stay elemental resistance capped. Your first ascendancy will be the 40pt strength and either a skill point or the 20/20 str dex, depending on what you need. Your second will be chieftain, as this is where you can begin to benefit from totem leech.

60-80: When you reach 60, you can equip frostferno and immediately do your merc ascendancy, taking slayer. This is the point where the build will begin to show its true strength. As you transition to mapping you'll want to get the resist nodes on the lower totem wheel, as this makes your totems much more durable and will improve your quality of life. Uber Lab (path of the marauder) can wait a long, long time. It will give you a significant amount of incremental life, but it is not essential. Continue to fill in life and damage on the contiguous part of the tree.

80+: Somewhere around here you will want to slot in your might of the meek jewels. The additional attack and move speed to the right of scion should be grabbed only after you have made those nodes maximally efficient with the might of the meeks. By now, you should have a solid sense of how the build plays, and you can fill out the rest of the tree as makes you comfortable.

Closing Thoughts
Far and away my best creation, which would never have happened if my guildmate Antel hadn't pointed out the bizarre new mechanics of ele hit--props to him. I am certain there are things I have left out, particularly video, which I hope to have time to create and add over the next week or so. I will be periodically checking this thread to update the guide and respond to questions. I hope many of you may find some joy in it.
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Seems great . Please post a video just to see the playstyle :D
First Sample video uploaded.
Videos uploaded of fights with Shaper and Red Elder. Also T16 Chimera run and a more generic T14 Crimson Temple Run.

Hey, how important is the slayer overleech? I wanted to go Pathfinder, and then use a Taste of Hate + Lightning Coil + Lightning Flask to reduce Phys Dmg.
Re: Importance of Overleech

Without getting too deeply into leech mechnics, Slayer overleech is the difference between perpetually regaining life at 2-2.5k/sec in big fights, or having to ramp your life gain back up from 0 every time you heal to full. Having tried it both ways, I -vastly- prefer having overleech. That said, I encourage experimentation. Try your idea, see how it feels, and post back here about it.

Finally got a Chayula Run uploaded: https://youtu.be/TbHSst399ws

I've made a PoB of this char based on this build,and my idea of Pathfinder :


Could you look at it and tell me if it's doable or I am missing something important.

Also, I am playing HC so I expect not to die with this char for red maps atleast.
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Re Pathfinder idea:

Honest opinion, this is not my idea of an hc build. You have traded in the Slayer overleech for a little bit of extra offense and you have gone MOM instead of blood magic. You will be significantly squishier than the build as posted against the high end content. I'm not even sure you are actually getting better offense to compensate. I would not do it this way.

That said, I could be completely, hopelessly wrong. The only way to really know is for you to try it out. If this is the build that speaks to you, give it a shot. If it starts to seem sketchy once you get deeper into red maps, you can always respec. :>

As someone who did this same build to 100; it's just strictly better as Hiero.

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