We're giving a whole new look to one of the most popular armour sets by introducing the Ivory Chaos Armour Set and Ivory Chaos Cloak! Check out the videos below or get yours here.

This stylish and detailed armour set looks great as is, but it will also make a good match with the Pure Light microtransactions. We'd recommend trying it out with the Pure Light Helmet, Pure Light Cloak, Pure Light Character Effect and the Runic Blade or Seraph Sword imbued with the Pure Light Weapon Effect.

Thank you for your support!
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second. Sick!
paying $42 for what is essentially a recolour feels bad, especially if you already have the set...
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I want the Sin and Innocence stuff, when? :D
Ughh I just spent all my money!
Can I trade in a set of Ultimate Chaos for a set of this? I have enough to go around and this looks more my aesthetic...
Is this ivory ethically sourced?
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This is identical ultimate chaos armor reskin..

Damn in skyrim you get hundreds of skins for free.. here a price of any game in steam sale.

Say hello to STEAM SUMMER SALE guys.. its here :D
Create skill. - Make it look gross. - Offer pretty MTX. - Profit. GGG deleted bot video evidences. Censorship against people.
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