Games keeps crashing, pretty sure its whispering ice

Since equipping whispering ice my game randomly crashes. Im one of the 5 people who likes the weapon so I doubt this is getting reported. Complete game freeze, sometimes it will come back after a second, most times it doesnt. ONLY when using the ability. ive sat afk for like 2 hours o problem with it equipped. now i think ive had my game freeze 5 times in the last hour.

Using Whispering Ice totems. Also seems to crash more if im using another skill while Icestorm is going somewhere
Last bumped on Jun 14, 2018, 2:16:14 PM
two more crashes in 5 minutes.

I have a fire golem up. My other two skills im catsing right now are scorching ray and flammability
SR has had a history of crashing the game, and it's been acting up a bit again. Don't discount that as well.

I have a WI toon in standard I'll fire up and see if I get the same issues.

Edit: WI worked fine for me.

Semi-good news though, GGG gets a crash report after you restart the client, which gives them a shit ton of information. As you don't really know what's causing the crash, they will go with the telemetry that they receive from their report (which the stickies tell you about).

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ive been trying to not use anything but WI icestrom and im still getting crashes. Ty for the info though Im comforted by the fact these crashes are giving GGG info

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