The Dragon Shield

Haha good one xD... now put it back on your head :p
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Copy paste of the dragon set helmet... Lol.
Make it 80 points as helmet or add something special about the shield. For example, if you buy a Dragon shield, you can choose to wear it as a shield OR as a hat for non-shield characters.

By itself it looks boring and not worth it at all.
Completed 17 Challengesc22031897 wrote:

I really did translate :)

Well, your input helps us know more of (possible) culture coming.
Don't mind new mtx per day. Sounds ok for me.

Now, to the shield!

(Paste Dragon here)
release a lacerate skill effect please.
Lots of people are using it after the buff, just make it ebony or bloody like reave.
I think more shield mtx is good but this seems like such a lazy job. It's just the dragon helmet on your arm isnt it?
Completed 1 Challengetehnew wrote:

WOW what? GGG trying to sell old hat as shield for much money? Srsly? Its WOW for you? Or you are just a bot,who just want comment first and dont even care about post? w/e
AWESOME 190 Points aka 20€ for a skin that's boring? Sorry but this skin is just,.... not mentionable.

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