Mathil Build List v3.0

I have an offhand with 15% reduced mana reservation of socketed gems.
If you put 2 heralds and wrath in it works without the head enchant.
Completed 10 ChallengesZirnitra24 wrote:
What would be the 6th link for the boys?

I can tell you how my I did mine if that helps

Melee phys
Chance to bleed

^ Increased crit damage was more dps before I got enough crit multi.


Ancestral call
Melee Splash
Melee phys

^Ruthless is ever so slightly higher dps but I prefer the multi play.
Can you send me link with pre-search for weapon upgrade, according to my current weapons?

PS: Build rocks, im lvl 69 doing t5 maps already xD Its insane for boss kill, but im strugling a bit with clearing, looks like not enough dmg for packs so im kinda squishy even with 40+ phy reduction, 4200hp and capped res :)
Looks like the tree on the EK/Explosive Trap build is dead. Any chance you can update?

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