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FramFramson wrote:
Now that the tree changes are up, I'm interested in seeing how the loss of minion damage nodes balances against the attack/cast speed nodes in the Sacrifice/Spiritual Command hubs (which are also partially switching positions).

It's a total loss of 33% minion damage (which is significant but not major), but a gain of 9% attack and cast speed. Every bit of increased cast speed is always welcome, so I'm hoping the damage will be a wash but we'll get a nice QoL boost.

Oh and, both Profane and Arcane Chemistry are getting a big buff, as each are getting an additional "8% increased effect of flasks on you" line(!). I'm not sure how much flask use you'll be aiming for in your 3.8 build, but my current SRS build is very heavy on flask use/buffs, but I've never used the witch flask hub since it never seemed worth it (most of my flask buffs are from gear), so that's certainly welcome to me.


Well, I just noticed that the new tree has completely displaced Gravepact. Sigh. There's two new hubs to replace it in the central area (a mana and minion and damage hub, and a minion life and resistances hub)

The damage is more than made up for (+35% goes up to +40%), and with one fewer points used, if you take mana and minion damage (plus it's more eHP if you use MoM like I do), so it seems fine, but you're still losing 8% attack/cast speed from the smaller gravepact nods. The actual gravepact hub is now deep in the Templar section, below sanctity,

I suppose you can use the extra point to take another node in the mercifully unchanged large Templar minion wheel (damage or cast speed, whatever you didn't take before). Alternately there's a new minion speed and damage hub to the right of the Witch area, which may provide alternatives. However, both that and Gravepact will require some extra points to reach, so while there's certainly more choices available, you can't "catch 'em all" unless you really go all-in on reaching all the minion nodes.

Everything has been updated to 3.8. The changes ended up doubling the original damage of the 3.7 version of the build, and more than that with high investment version. There's enough damage on the table you can pull back and add in more defensiveness, whether that's just simply going Bone Armor, adding zombies, or block, and still likely do the damage that the top end build did before. It's nuts.

The two wheels which contain Unholy Might and Onslaught for minions I declined to path to. I think either would be spicy for anointing an Amulet, but with how often Skulls get refreshed and over-ridden, any buffs kept would have questionable uptime. Therefore; go with more consistent damage rather than conditional damage.
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For raw dps, would dual wielding those new convoking wands be a good idea? Or is it still best to use Victario's Charity + Necromantic Aegis?
Hi !
Thank you for the guide! look forward to using it as a league starter. First PoB link doesn't seem to be working. (3.8) The second with the better gear works fine. Since I can't see the first PoB are there leveling tree's built in ?

Fixed - POB works!
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is melee splash built into SRS now?
€: Pastebin works, was my fault
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So, the spirits were supposed to be targetable now, without Deathmark. Anyone else having problem with this? I tried to make my SRS forcus Izaro during a labfight, but half of them just flew off dealing with random adds during the fight. It seems to work really inconsistantly.
I'll just say that Infernal legion + SRS is busted for leveling
you can replace melee splash with it, and add minion instability.

bosses just melt 2x faster than anything I've done before on a 3 link without +levels!

Yeah, I figured I would be doing some editing to the guide and leveling guide in lieu of the new support gems. Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, SRS were supposed to "prefer" your mouse-over target. That is fairly disappointing it does not seem to be the case.
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Current DPS is nuts. I am just at the end of act 10 and even my zombies and spectres (which are supported only by Feeding Frenzy Support) can clear any pack nearly instantly.
SRS has even greater damage...

Love this build, thanks for updating it, everyone have fun playing :)

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