We've just released the Stygian Portal Effect which replaces the standard portal effect with a floating metallic circular frame engulfed in blue flames. This portal was designed to match the new Stygian Armour Set that we introduced last week. Check out the video below or get yours here.

In case you're wondering how the Stygian Portal Effect will look in your hideout:

Thank you for your support!
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ah fuck thats a nice one, rip my wallet

still waiting on more ghostflame stuff <3
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Iron Heart & Iron Fortress too!
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neat-o :)
Looks nice. Very nice.
We desperately need a map device MTX that makes the portals spawn further apart from each other. So many of the portal MTXes look terrible in hideout because they clip through each other.
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Damn beautiful !
Arcane portal still needs to go on sale :(
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Dang, looks nice.

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