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Last bumped on Jul 9, 2018 12:57:12 AM
so im curious about combustion support. it states "enemies ignited by supported skills have -19% to fire resistance". is this a permanent debuff or does it only last for the duration of the ignite?

im curious how it reacts. lets say for instance i use a fireball with combustion support and i ignite that monster. if i swap to flameblast and hit the same monster, and override the ignite with the more powerful one from flameblast, does that mob still have -19% fire resistance? is the ignite from flameblast effected by the minus resistance given by combustion linked to fireball?

for matters of balance i'd assume the minus to fire resistance lasts with the ignite. thus it falls off when the ignite ends, and also when the ignite is replaced with a more powerful one

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