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Last bumped on Aug 10, 2018 2:56:50 PM
Playing Berserker with Double Strike at lvl 55 right now. The skill feels great, works well with phys as extra ele and is generally just great fun. I have noticed however, as well as some friends of mine, that using new vaal double strike randomly causes crashes where the game literally just closes itself and this is making the skill feel unplayable, as having to relaunch the game every 20 minutes is far more frustrating than the fun can make up for.
I've based my build on this gem but it doesn't seem like the mechanic is working as I thought it would.

Using Pillar of the Caged God and it doesn't seem like the added phys damage is buffed by the phys weapon dmg from the staff.

I haven't tried testing it thoroughly atm, just a feeling that its not adding up.
Why does (Vaal) Double Strike got no Minion tag?

Why do the doubles of the Vaal version of the skill NOT count as minions?

The question arose as I thought about trying out next league (Delve 3.4):

- the new Dominating Blow (got minion tag and duration tag) as mob skill
- with (Vaal) Double Strike (got duration tag but no minion tag) as single target skill

As a very tanky Templar Guardian, with a one-hand Axe and Shield. Pure Phys. Armour. ES. MoM. Resolute Technique. I've uploaded a tentative passive tree with Duration and Minion notes taken, to imgur:

Thank you very much in advance,
looking forward to maybe see in the patch notes in 2 weeks that (Vaal) Double Strike got a Minion tag added.

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