3.4 Delve Ele Hit Deadeye Starter/Endgame 1-2M Shaper DPS(dmg nerfed but still viable end game)

Very Easy build for both starter and end game.

BTW with Frostferno double corrupt mods for example +2aoe and +2cold gems which costs extremely a lot u can get 5.5kk+ shaper dps)

Leveling:Use lightning arrow and barrage until u allocate "Avatar of Fire" node (should do that until 70). Then put on 2x Combat Focus jewels(one with Elemental Hit cannot choose lightning and another one cold). Also equip

Main thing is that we convert ~90% added lightning and ~90% added cold damage of Elemental Hit to fire element. U can see it below

Must Have Uniques when u allocate "Avatar of Fire" node or equip Xoph's Blood amulet

Other items

Gems swap for single target


Ascendancy points: I was playing Ele hit from 40-50 level so i went: 1st-Powerful Precision 2nd-Gathering Winds 3rd-Fast and Deadly After uber lab I unlearnt Powerful Precision and went for Ricochet

191 Strenght requirements for Kaom's heart: U can get Str on boots, gloves, belt. Early u can pick some big 30 Str nodes. Also u can use Cold to Fire gem instead of Fire penetration and equip a rare ring with

Path of building pastebin :https://pastebin.com/zbFWYXyN

Single target setup for Shaper:

U can even clear t16 guardians and Shaper with clearing setup (it takes longer but still 1.5-2kk shaper dps):

U can play this build without Xoph's Blood, Kaom's Heart and Lioneye's Fall jewel.

30 level Passive tree
50 level Passive tree
70 level Passive tree
90 level Passive tree
U can variate some life and damage nodes. Depends on your gear


IMPORTANT: For atziri and Uber atziri use Soul of Yugul Pantheon ,Sybil's Lament ring instead of Call of the brotherhood due to 2% of passive Atziri reflect(u will 1 shot yourself) and unnalocate Ricochet ascendancy point (chain).

Shaped Bog t15
Red Elder
It was my first try ever, so i died 5 times UBER Elder

>>>>> IF u have a lot of Exalted orbs and u can afford this Frostferno with double corrupt mods then equip Amulet Yoke Of Suffering and Shock Eveything! 32M life for shock to be applied. 5M dps+ https://pastebin.com/3EYbamzh REALISTIC <<<<<
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Very interesting!Could you please make a more in depth guide and post a video showing your build in action?
I will upload simple video tier 15 shaped bog to show clear. My english isnt very good so i dont know about in depth guide :D
I will upload a new video soon. Uber atziri
2-4 thousand thousand
even doing only fire damage can u still shock, like the skill tool tip says?
U cant. U can shock using The Three Dragons helmet.
Could you run the combination of the Xoph's bow and signal fire to get 100% fire conversion, and thus not have to go AoF? In addition to those items, could you use the two combat focus gems to than do only fire damage? This would be less damage than having a xoph's blood of course, but I think it would be more budget friendly.
hello, im intrested in this build, because it fps friendly, but can you give the skill tree without xoph blood ? because i dont have yet the currency to buy xoph blood or should i go scion for easier get the avatar of fire node ?
You said allocate "Avatar of Fire". What does it mean? How can a Ranger character get Avatar of Fire node?

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