Vendor Trade Exploit

1. put un-id item in SELL window
2. use wisdom scroll on the item in your INVENTORY window
3. decide which way you get better price

the item in screen shot below sells for 1 alteration shard un-id
but if you id it you only get a scroll fragment

i realize this method isn't "huge" but the experienced item seller can gain with this


It is always giving you the "ID'ed" reward, the display isn't updating correctly though. It's on our list to fix!
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i would agree with you rory, if you leave the item there

i just now tested again...

i went and got first blue/magic item that dropped
- zealot gloves
..put it in sell window un-id
..greust offered transmutation shard
..i id'd the item in my stash (grayed out)
..i moved the item from the sell window back to my inventory
..i moved the item back to sell window greust offered scroll fragment

how can i use this to gain against other players?

..once you sell enough items you pretty much know what you will get

..when i put un-id item in sell window to get transmute shard then id it. if it gets a mod that will sell for scroll fragment i leave it there and gain a transmute shard instead of scroll fragment

..when i put un-id item in sell window to get transmute shard then id it. if it happens to get quant/quality mods i move it back to inventory then to sell window and gain alchemy shards

Rory's answer covers what you mention, vapor.

If you ID the item in your inventory, while the vendor display does not currently update, the system does.

The finality is that the system pays you what the item is worth at the time you sell it. If the item is identified, you will receive the value of that identified item regardless of what you see in the vendor window.

Hope this clears it up. :)

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