Path of Exile: Incursion (Content Update 3.3.0) Patch Notes

GGG first has mentioned about "Ice Spear" in the Skill Revamps - Part 1 and what is this now? Whoever wrote the skill revamp post should consider carefully what the players reading the post would expect from the lines. Letting players down from carelessness has no pros without needs to mention.
Agrippas258 wrote:
Bex_GGG wrote:

Monster Balance
Normal and Magic monsters from Breaches now drop significantly fewer items.

I wonder how good Breaches are going to be now with this change. After all, that's the main reason people drool over Breaches. But I like it.

My guess is they over-nerfed them as usual and they are going to feel sad to run now.
Rip a lot of stuff... fun a lot of other stuff :P
I'm really impressed with the patch notes, well done.


"Added a new feature - Always Attack Without Moving: This feature prevents your character from moving while using skills where this is toggled on, as if you are holding down your "Attack in Place" key. This can be toggled on and off of individual skills in the skill bar. This feature can also be used on movement skills to prevent the skill from "namelocking" (ie. locking onto an enemy)."

Oh Yes.

"Added 6 dangerous new Nemesis mods."

Oh No.

"Level 4: Fortune Favours the Brave: (costs 4 Chaos Orbs) One of these options will be applied at random, including those you have not yet unlocked."

This is very bad... i dont see the point of EVER choosing this now at a cost of 4 chaos when you save at most 2 chaos at a 1/7 chance and 5 times out of 7 there will be NO benefit, and the other is just a savings of 1c.-its an absolute waste. this just doesnt make any sense.

"The magic monsters in the Burial Chambers boss room won't spawn so close to the entrance now."

Oh god thank you. I almost ripped to this in HC FB at lvl 93 or 94 ish. went back for map completions for the extra drops and about 20 magma orb chicks with extra proj got me below 1k hp instantly. very scary moment in my demi run.

Id also like to suggest doing something about Null Portals appearing in boss-rooms. On some builds its just not worth even entering certain bossrooms on elder maps with null portals... or even squid (Underground Sea is a frequent sketchy one for example; i always clear the map then check monsters remaining...if over 50=skip.).

"In light of the extensive skill balance changes, PvP balance is still ongoing. We have PvP balance changes coming, and we'll add these notes when we have them."

Poet's Pen, Fireball, and Death's Oath are nuts, pls do something.

Patch Notes overall are excellent. honestly just cant decide what to play right now.-everything looks very interesting. really looking forward to the new league! :)
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Lack of Ice Spear changes makes me sad, but everything else looks pretty good. I'll be playing this league.
rip tabula sweatshirt
Completed 6 ChallengesHemmingfish wrote:
Lack of Ice Spear changes makes me sad, but everything else looks pretty good. I'll be playing this league.

that kind of surprises me actually, might be an oversight. thought they were adjusting that skill... still surprised there hasnt been any more mention of caustic arrow changes or a threshold jewel either.
New Elemental hit:
Now adds damage of all three element to attacks, selects one at random, and deals no damage of any other type

for example, if the skill has 100 damage for each type, with Avatar of Fire, hit deal fire damage, is it has 50 lightning damage to fire, 50 cold damage to fire for bonus?

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