Tormented spirits unkillable when next to certain objects

Will post a clip next time it happens

Yesterday around 11pm est (and before that as well) ran up to a tormented spirit started whacking at it with molten strike, I had 2 wildfire jewels so I was spitting out 7 molten balls at a time) as soon as it hit a wall or another scenery object, not I, my molten strike balls or my anscestral protector could do any damage to it. Yet the protector was swinging at it I was hitting it with all I got and it received no additional damage til it decided to run again (as soon as it was off the wall I could hit it. Happened in the cavern type maps ( cavern of wrath and Weaver's cavern, and I think in the prison as well). Killed one but the other two times it would hug the wall til it expired.

Gt : UG Dragooon167

I'm sure it will happen again so when I get the clip I'll post
Last bumped on May 17, 2018, 2:00:17 PM

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