In a few weeks, the Bestiary League will conclude and your characters and items will migrate to their parent leagues. That begs the question: what will happen to Bestiary as a mechanic once the league is over? The team has written a Development Manifesto that outlines our plans.
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It’d be nice if NPCs central to a challenge league had their VA budget more balanced in future. Day 1 of a league is always going to be consumed by the “go go go” mentality - and then Einhar was basically left with like 5 lines which got spammy and annoying.
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rip :(
Suggestion, add a minor headhunter effect whenever you catch a beast.
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See you in 3.3.
I'm like that one piece of ugly furniture too heavy to get rid of. Best you just learn how to live with it. If it comes down to you or me leaving, it's going to be you every time. I can do this all day if I want. Literally.
Please DON'T
ty love you guys but this league was really boring

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