Can anyone help with pricing this? (4 shaper mods)

I have no idea what this is worth. Can I crowd source you guys?

(Sorry for repeat post. I now can't figure out how to delete one. :( )
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ask yourself which stats are good... for which build are their good? would anybody ( would you ) buy that sword...

then go poetrade and see the price for the item

ps its garbage
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It's not worth anything. A 2H weapon without DPS is useless.

Some 1H weapons can be stat sticks. Thats not even a stat stick. Wrong mods.
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Thank you! In my defense, I would pay a lot for these mods on a dagger, and I went on and there are no items there with all 4 mods.
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if it was 1H (foil) and had a second "gain %phys dmg as…" i would probably buy it due to its bladevortex potential in mainhand

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