[3.6 updated] Voidfletcher Deadeye (all core content cleared, budget options available, 600+ depth)

SaintKillah wrote:
Hey! I'm following this guide right now, I have two questions.

Why do we take the Claw nodes in the passive tree? Are they more useful than the bow ones?

Also, where do I place my Jewels?

If you place the Lioneye's Fall Jewel in the socket that's below the Claw nodes you convert those Claw nodes to Bow nodes.
I've been working on a variation of this build with CI
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Played this build last league but due to IRL had to stop.

This league though I have pushed super hard with it.

Once you get used to the squishiness this build MELTS most things it comes across.

Super strong, super fun, and super super fast clear speed.
Hello, nice build, Do you think Legacy Reach of the council would be great in standard for this build, thanks
Wattas wrote:
Hello, nice build, Do you think Legacy Reach of the council would be great in standard for this build, thanks

oh absolutely. You'll lose some crit ability but an additional two arrows is a huge boost. I just keep my guide updated for each temp league, but i'm sure there's tons of legacy gear in standard that'd make this build more ridiculous.
Hi, why not going for scion?

Is unnatural instinct a good jewel for that build?

Also, which bow is Bis, there are 2 possible bows, I can't decide.
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Life is ethical
Life is Life.
Life is nonMETA.
Had a useless 93 ranger and decided to use it for this build.
This my first day with this build and probably the last day.
Killed 3 uber elder with it pretty easy . It's a strong and fun build but it's squishy and is a turn off for me (random oneshots).
Had already most gear , bought\crafted for cheap the missing parts.

It was a fun day , thanks for showing it on reddit.
I entirely ditched the shadow side of the tree and used those points to get the scion life wheel. I lost a chunk of damage but I gained about 1k hp. The build has way too much damage so losing some wasn't even noticeable.
Sorry for noob question, but how do you deal with mana in this build? I'm struggling with mana issues.
Can you please post a leveling tree for this Build?

And/Or A Pastebin that you can import the 3.6 Link wont allow me to import it to pastebin

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