hide "AFK" on poe.trade?

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On poe.trade you can set to "online only" however, all those that are logged in but AFK do still show (with that AFK icon). I there a way to not list "AFK" people either?

Last bumped on Apr 17, 2018 4:40:47 AM
Would be nice to filter out AFK, on the other hand, I have made trades with people that show as AFK as well.
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Especially for maps is annoying, if one AFK has like 100 maps....
Message AFK people anyway. Sometimes they are close by and respond. Some have trading accounts so they leave their trader sit afk in their hideout while they play on the other account.
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Sometimes they are close by and respond.

Unfortunately this happens very rarely.
Abut 1/4 of the AFK people I message end up getting back to me. Which is about the same rate as non-afk people tbh...
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