We've just released the Celestial Cat Pet! This adorable kitty embodies everything celestial, from its glowing eyes to its galaxy coated fur. Not only is it the ultimate space-cat, but it has a playful floating animation that makes it a must-have companion.

Naturally, it goes well running alongside your celestial themed outfits or you can set it free to play in your hideout!

Get yours here. If you're looking for some points to spend, please consider checking out the new Bestiary Supporter Packs. Thank you for your support!
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More Celestial stuff?

You’ve gotta be kitten me...
For those who have fallen before us
My cat is going to be jealous.
Chop onion, pepper, garlic. Heat up pan. Add oil, leave til hot. Add onions, stir til translucent. Add veggies, chilli powder, paprika, cumin. Stir. Brown 500g lean minced rhoa, stir til no pink bits. Make sauce using rhoa stock, tomatoes, marjoram. Stir in Kidney beans. Enjoy Rhoa Chili.
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Cat on crit
Me want. Meow.

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